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The most difficult fact while you are planning on giving your house a makeover is that the expensive décor taste is out of bounds for you. But why despair? There are always means and methods which will help you to give your house a great makeover without overshooting your budget. Use some easily available and easy-to-execute money-saving resources for home décor ideas for your house.

  • Changing the Décor of the Living Room
  • The entry to your house should be pleasing. Try maximizing your foyer space without cluttering it. Decorate it by adding a mirror, which will open your foyer. Add a table with flowers and vases picked up from other rooms of your house. Give a cheerful coat of color to the front door.
  • Change your furniture layout and see how the look of your living room changes just by moving the furniture around.
  • Re-upholster your existing furniture with updated colors and materials. Apply a fresh coat of paint on mirror frames and headboards or re-finish your wooden furniture.
  • Re-paint the walls and experiment with something new. Paint the walls to match your furniture or paint them in contrasting colors.

  • Give Your Bedroom a Makeover
  • Give your bedroom a new look without splurging on new décor and using whatever you had earlier. If your mirror has a blank wall behind it, paint a faux frame around it. Adding a frame also makes the bedroom look stylish without having to spend much.
  • If you have books on an open wall shelf, change the look by wrapping them in beautiful colored papers or patterned papers and placing them back where they belong.
  • Change the bulb of your bedside lamp to a pink bulb which would give a rosy and romantic glow.
  • Replace the drawers with inexpensive ones bought from stores or thrift shops.

  • Get a New Look for Your Kitchen
  • Getting your kitchen redone doesn’t have to be expensive. Redo your counters with quartz, which are indestructible and available in wide range of colors, instead of going for marble, which would require maintenance. Try to get off-cuts, which stone fabricators keep from larger pieces and sell at reduced cost.
  • Reface your old cabinets and they are as good as new. This would mean taking off the old cabinet doors, spraying them off-site and then installing them back.
  • Get yourself an undermount sink. Remember to buy a sink which is proportionate to your kitchen size else it will end up eating valuable space.
  • When redoing floors, select from the many flooring options on a budget, including marmoleum, which is comfortable and also requires minimum maintenance, sticker tiles mimicking the appeal of wooden floors or porcelain tiles.

  • Change Your Bathroom Décor
  • Give your bathroom a new look by replacing your old ugly faucet with new ones. They are available in do-it-yourself kits, which also include the fittings along with instructions.
  • Reface your countertop with a one-fourth inch surface of granite giving it the appearance of solid granite and coming at a much lesser cost. You can also reface your old countertop with new laminate that resembles wood, stone or other finishes.
  • Replace your bathroom mirror with attractive framed mirrors found in various styles in thrift stores or antique markets.
  • Change the look of your floor with a pure wool rug as wool is resistant to moisture as well as mildew.
  • You can do wonders for your bathroom décor with a new coat of paint on the walls. Experiment with colors and give a new look to your bathroom.

So giving your house a makeover doesn’t have to be all about a blown budget. Try these budget-friendly tips and take up wonderful and amazing décor schemes for your home. Click here for more information on budget-saving plans for your house.


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