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Infections, diseases and nuisance are the impediments of a healthy and radiant life of an individual. Many chores are responsible for them, but many indirect ways are also found through which a passive attack is made. One such passive cause is lizard infestation. Lizards are said to be the storehouse of bacterial and parasitic infections. There are many reasons as to why lizards love to wander over our walls, like:


  • If many small insects and bugs are found in the house, then lizards would be attracted towards them altogether. Thus causing lizard infestation.
  • If the kitchen in the household is dirty and murky, then it will become the feeding ground for diverse variety of insects and bugs which again causes lizard infestation.
  • Lizards love to be in the dark. Their shelter places are mostly behind the furniture or wardrobes, and if they are filthy in attire then more and more lizards will make it their abode.




Many infections are disrupted with the advent of lizards in the house. Many of them are even life threatening. Some of the infections caused by lizard infestation are:

  • Botulism

Botulism is one of the most fatal and dreadful disease which is caused by Clostridium bacteria. The outcomes of this disease might be paralysis of even death. Clostridium is found as spores in mud and soil, and thereby is transferred to lizards. Major target of this bacteria include small babies under the age of one.


  • Salmonella

This is found in all types of reptiles including lizards. It spreads to humans through reptile faeces being mistakenly consumed. One common example is of drinking water being contaminated by reptile faeces. Salmonella causes diarrhoea, headaches and stomach cramps. In extreme cases blood poisoning can also take place.

  • Other infections

Bowel infection, liver infection, lungs infection and heart infections are some other infections caused by lizard infestation. Many of them can be cured, but many are fatal and may result in death of an individual.


With such obvious danger of many fatal diseases and infections being caused by lizards, it becomes an utmost requirement to take required measures against them. Some rudimentary measures can be:

  • Only possible way of their entry is through small holes and cracks. So every such opening in the house should be sealed.
  • Window screens should be utilized to keep their entry restricted through windows.
  • Use egg shell, pepper sprays etc. to keep them away.
  • Anti-lizard spray should be employed all over the house to make your house lizard free.
  • UV insect trap can be installed which would slash the food source of this little creature.
With all the possible measures being implied at a strict level, lizard infestation can be curbed to a great extent. Lizards seem harmless, but just their presence is enough to trouble human beings. Click here to explore JBN for more anti lizard items.


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