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A healthy body and mind play a very important role in leading a happy life. There are lots of people, who often fall sick while others do not. For this, once cause might be between the functions of their immune system. Apart from that, proper exercise, diet and hygiene also play an important role in making you fit and fine. In order to create general wellness, there are some useful tips, which are being explained below. Go through them with an apt attention so that you have least chances of falling sick.

  • First of all, you should remain hydrated. Try to drink minimum eight to ten glasses of water every day in order to hydrate yourself. The number of glasses is even likely to go higher during summer season since we all sweat more and this leads us to a great loss of water from our body. 
  • You should have sufficient amount of sleep. Because of your busy schedules, you may miss sufficient sleep and this may lead you to lots of problems in your life. Remember that rest is also very important for general wellness of your body. An adult needs seven to nine hours of sound sleep.
  • Make use of sunscreen. Always use sunscreen whenever you leave your home. The UB and UV rays are very injurious to your skin and even may lead to skin cancer.  Whenever the weather is cloudy, you must use sunscreen since the rays of sun can pass through the dense clouds and cause harm to you. Simply make its use half an hour prior to stepping out and re-applying again after two or three hours.
  • Be ready with the emergency numbers. If anything goes wrong with you, then ensure that you have emergency number with you. You should keep that number at such place where you can easily access them. You can also make them set as speed dials on phone.
  • Keep yourself away from flip flops. Although they keep your feet trendy and cool during summer seasons, but they do not proffer the support, which is required for your feet. So, if you have got to travel long distance, then you should get sport shoes instead of sandals since they proffer easiness and comfort to your feet.
  • Familiarize yourself with first aid. In case you get cut or bruise, you should be easy and comfortable with such treatment. Apart from this, you should learn about certain medicines, which may be required for your medical treatment.

Hence, these were some useful tips on general wellness. Adopt them in your life so that you remain evergreen in your life. 


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