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What exactly is incense?

Well! that can be regarded as a biotic material which brings about positive vibrations thereby leaving your room with a fragrant smell. From ancient times incense re used for various ceremonies of religion, in fact in ancient times Egyptians employed incense due to its mystical capabilities. It was used to deter malevolent demons and appease gods with its pleasant aroma. the main purpose of lighting an incense is for giving a good smell and it repels away various insects like housefly and keeping your room smelling like a garden of rose or whichever aroma you like just in case you don’t like roses!

Nowadays due to our stressful and hectic schedule there is a dearth of positivity. Therefore, the environment can be flooded with positive vibes by just igniting an incense stick. This will help you in relieving your stress s. there is also a benefit of lighting an incense stick while meditating because it helps us to feel positive with mind, heart, body & soul and in addition to this it also increases our level of concentration. There are various aromas from which you can choose in order to fill your life with freshness:

  • Sandalwood:

It is the most common yet the most preferred aroma which helps to relax. The woody and sweet smell wraps a person in relaxed state of mind and calms the body too. This aroma is a natural stress reliever as it has got a sweet smell which enriches our brain with positivity.

A lot of days are there when there is need of balancing our emotion; the emotion which needs to be controlled. well, this aroma is surely made for you …. Just by smelling this pungent incense your emotion can be controlled as it attacks our brains instantaneously and calms down our mind so that overall balance is maintained.

  • Amber:

This is known as the king of scent. Amber is a sweet scent which helps to release day to day problems. this helps in going into a sensual world and relaxes soothes your body in order to feel high and energized.

To free yourself from the negativity of the world cedar and sage are the heroes of positivity which purifies your soul and creates a positive environment to soothe you down in the best possible way.

Whenever one thinks about roses a bunch of flowers flashes in your mind. Yes, indeed this is a feminine scent which indulges you in your emotions and create an environment which is full of love. Reading or something romantic relates to this aroma very well. So your love life can be spiced up with this one.

This aroma is for peace and clarity. The art of meditation can be practiced while lighting this aroma .it takes away all the tensions from the body. This aroma creates a magical circle which fills the vicinity with peace which brings ray of hope and broadens the horizon in a positive manner.

It can be considered as the basis to attract love and money specially. this induces a vision of prophetic dreams which can soothe your mind and take you to another level. this aroma can also be considered as a source of wisdom and the flower smelling flavor is for making your dreams much sweeter.


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