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It is a well-known notion that smoking is injurious to health and we all should keep distance from it. But, have you ever wondered why it is so. Well, the combustion can cause harm to any part of your body but most importantly your respiratory system gets affected. You might be curious to know how smoking affects the respiratory system. In order to get answer to this burning question, we need to see what precisely happens when we breathe in smoke.

When we breathe, our chest expands and diaphragm also expands in downward direction. As a result, a vacuum is created in the chest. By means of this vacuum, the air gets transported into the lower and upper respiratory passages. When we breathe out, out chest and lungs return to their initial position and the present air gets expelled by means of the respiratory passages. The process of respiration is dependent on the present metabolic condition of the body. So, the respiration gets adjusted when the body lies in motion or at rest. Everybody does not have normal respiration. The persons, who suffer from respiratory disorders needs lots of help from respiratory therapies for having proper respirations. Toxins present in the smoke which we breathe in cause irritation in the bronchial tube which is noticeable through the cough of smoker. When one smokes for the very first time, one can feel how one’s natural defense system responds to the poisonous substances which get entered into the lungs along with the smoke.

The nicotine and tobacco enter the trachea and causes burn injuries which we perceive visually in the form of pain and sore throat. Because of these burn injuries, the passage gets filled with injurious toxins. When the smoke reaches cilia that find it hard to filter 4000 chemical in one go, lung gets all the toxins. Now, this smoke assaults everything which comes across its way, thereby damaging all the cells. Slowly after continuously being subjected to injurious chemical, lungs start getting weakened and at last cancer develops. In a similar fashion, other organs of the body also get affected by getting toxins from the blood.  Some of the experts think that it is not certain that only lungs get affected first. Any organ of your body, which is prone to cancer, feels the harmful effect of smoking.

So, this was all about how can shun smoking in order to stay away respiratory problems. 


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