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Reed diffusers form the latest trend of home fragrance. Reeds are straw like sticks which are inserted in a container of diffuser oil so that your room gets filled with a beautiful scent.

 It doesn’t require fire and hence there is no chance for soot generation and no chances for catching up fire. It’s absolutely pollution free and is easy to use as well. This blog will guide you about how to use reed diffusers.

Reed diffusers act as air fresheners. It can be used in home as well as for cars. One of the best qualities of reed diffuser is that it doesn’t require fire and hence can be used instead of candles in restricted places where usage of fire is not allowed. It has created an overwhelming market for itself but there are people who are new to reed diffusers. So, let’s have a quick tutorial about its usage.

  • The reed diffuser set comes with an essential oil, diffuser sticks, diffuser bottle. Pour the oil into the diffuser bottle and immerse the sticks in it so that the sticks absorb the essential oil.
  • Flip the stick so that the saturated part comes in contact with air and the dry side in contact with the oil. The oil diffuses with the air and fills your room with the delicate fragrance of your choice. Reed diffusers are available in a wide range of fragrances like lavender, green apple, mandarin, vanilla, etc.

  • Whenever you flip stick, make sure that there is a towel beneath the diffuser bottle in order to protect your table top or any other surface from oil drops.
  • The more sticks you use, the more intense the smell will be. So use adequate number to sticks to have a luxurious smell in the right proportion.
  • Once the oil gets diffused, you can use a refill bottle. You don’t have to buy the entire set over and over again. Joy by nature has wide range of reed diffuser refill bottles in store.

You can use any of the refills available.

  • Always use coasters beneath diffuser bottles as the essential oils can stain surfaces if oil spills. Take extra care in case of wooden surfaces and if the oil does spill then quickly wipe clean the area to avoid stain and marks.
  • Reed diffusers can be used in cars too.

  • Always make sure that reed diffusers are kept away from children. As ingestion of essential oil can be very harmful.

  • Diffuser essential oils are inflammable and should be kept away from light and fire.

Hope this guide helped you to use reed diffusers easily and solved all your questions.so, use reed diffusers and indulge in its beautiful aroma. Click here for more products that JBN has in store for you.


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