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Rose Tarlow is a renowned and one of the leading designers from America, says,“When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.”

The way you live and the place you stay may become the point of attraction for others. Keeping your home well managed and established makes you feel happy and stress free. Make a habit of cleaning your home well on daily basis, this will provide an ease on cleaning and also makes your home look beautiful. A tedious home with natural and organic products produces a positive energy making the atmosphere pleasing. Organizing your home includes the activities of managing things well, making room smell good and proper interior.

The perfect way to make your home better is to maintain each room according to the needs. This will make it comfortable and also the interior will look beautiful and attractive:

Some tips for your rooms:

  • Arrange Your Sleeping Place
  • Make Kitchen Useful And Tidy
  • Arrange Lobby Or Common Room
  • Pet Area
  • Make Bathroom Fresh And Aromatic

Arrange Your Sleeping Place- Bedroom should be the place for sleeping and resting only. Putting extra stuff on your bedroom will make you feel heavy and discomfort. The lightening in bedroom should be dim and you can floral incense or scented candles to make the atmosphere calming and loving. Manage your bed room in such a way that no matter how tired you are the room and its decoration should turn your mood on.



Make Kitchen Useful And Tidy- Kitchen should be clean and tidy as this is place for cooking. Unnecessary odors or stale food and fruit can make your kitchen smell worst. Try keeping your kitchen clean and remove the trouble causing things out of your kitchen. Keep your refrigerator clean and tidy; fill it with the healthy and necessary things only. Putting all mess in refrigerator could make it smell bad as this would be difficult for you to find the bad smelling product. Make a small track for spices and salt and for the items that are used frequently and should be kept in an area where they can be accessed easily. Manage the space between things and make particular positions for each thing. Use organic products for better taste and health but keep only those items in your kitchen that is useful for you.


Arrange lobby or common room- Clean the floor properly with hygienic and natural cleansers. Keep the glasses and furniture dust free. Also you can use some decorative curtains, candles, wind chimes, or flowers or baskets. This will make your room look beautiful also use some floral scents or room freshener to make a pleasing environment. If things are scattered everywhere in your lobby clean them up and plan an appropriate position for each where they’ll look perfect. Try to put some extra light on your lobby and make it a brighter place. Make sure every place is cleaned well and the dust is removed from each place.

Pet Area- Though you love your pets, but keeping their living area clean and tidy will automatically reflect the image of your home. Untidy pet area will make your home unhealthy and it will smell bad, that nobody would like to visit your home. Make a proper living or sleeping place for your pet and make him learn to shit in an appropriate area only. Use sprays and soaps to clean your pet and sanitize the floor with a proper natural cleanser.

Make bathroom fresh and aromatic- Keep your bathroom clean and freshened by aromas. Remove the unnecessary stuff out of the bathroom and keep those things only that you use in a daily basis. Place the towel on hanger and put the use some aromatic product for a good fragrance.

A house defines the personality of an individual and its imperative to keep it well maintained.

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