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Your liver and kidney are very important organs, so you should keep them as safe and healthy as you can. The principal function of these internal organs is to take out all the harmful substances, which emanate from the metabolism of the body. Too much liquor consumption causes damages to liver and so could cause cirrhosis.

The cells of body produce acidic wastes like lactic acid and carbonic acid during the process, which involves production of energy through the combustion of glucose. These acids allow your body to feel muscles soreness and tiredness. All such metabolic wastes are transported to the liver for degradation and then sent to the kidneys or excretion through urine. Such detoxification processes only take place in a smooth manner when you are enjoying your slumber or when your body lies in resting state. The disorder happens in about 10% of patients, who are hospitalized with liver failure. It could be a sign of approaching death, which is produced by the collective effects of kidney failure and liver injury in people having alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis or acute liver failure.

Liver and kidney transplant appears to provide benefit to those patients, who have diseases in their both organs, as well as those people, who have a condition as hepatorenal syndrome and who have been getting dialysis for more than two months. Remember that a combined kidney and liver transplant is the method of alternative for those patients, who have both end-stage renal disease and end-stage liver disease. At this time, hepatorenal syndrome combined with cirrhosis is often dealt with liver transplant and not a combined process. As the waiting times for organs goes up, a large number of patients having hepatorenal syndrome will perhaps grow an irreparable and chronic condition which may require a combination transplant. Remember that treatment is meant for making better functions of liver and ensuring that the heart pumping action and the amount of blood present in the body are sufficient. The disorder is treatable in the same approach as that of kidney failure from any other reason.

Thus, liver and kidney failure may prove fatal for us. We cannot think to live with the failure of these organs. Liquor consumption is very harmful for these organs. We all should try to desist ourselves from it. Apart from this, we should adopt a good dietary plan so that these organs do not develop any complications. Regular exercises are essential for proper functioning of these organs. 


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