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Usually, stress symptoms are easily identified. Everybody knows how it feels to be under the influence of emotional stress. Stress allows the heart to beat faster and harder and keeps the body under additional strain. Remember that stress is an ordinary human condition. Nevertheless, it has been known that in large dosages, it is really bad for your health. In reality, there has long been a relation between stress and hypertension.

As soon as you become nervous, physical alterations do take place in your body. The chief cause of such physical alterations is the reality that nervousness makes adrenaline flow through the veins. This Adrenaline has a great purpose. Its purpose is to make your ready to fight a foe or simply run away to safety. In fact this is the way how the humans were designed to function. The problem is that our foes are not those from whom we can easily run away. When we get stuck in a problem, we are not able to beat it over the head with the help of a club or simply run safely from it into a cave. So, the adrenaline prepares us to overcome our enemy.

Another thing, which adrenaline does to us is that it increases our blood pressure. Naturally, having our blood pressure on rise every now and then is not harmful. It is when we are under stress and our blood pressure remains above normal for a long time. Naturally, the way to combat stress and hypertension would be to live under less stress. Naturally, this is almost impossible. Therefore, another powerful way to combat a constant onslaught of nervousness is to take some time from the situations which make adrenaline flow steadily right through your body. Although you may not be able to get away from problems of life very often, but you can practice to get away mentally.

You should spare time right through the day to imagine peaceful and calming scenes. They can be scenes of places where you have been to relax yourself. Taking mental reprieves from worrying situations at least five or six times during a day will break the steady stream of adrenaline flow and your body will develop the habit of coming back to healthy blood pressure levels. As this becomes a regular habit, development of hypertension will become less.

So, this was all about how to combat stress and hypertension. They could prove fatal if they go unchecked for a long time.


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