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Beginning to list down the “REAL TROUBLE”, the basic ones are,

  • Disgusting Appearances

Ugliness as their real physical property makes it difficult to live in their presence. Unnecessary barging in through various places inside houses causes problems on a daily basis for the residents. Scientific studies indicate the psychological and emotional stress caused in humans because of their sight.

  • Breeding grounds

Popular hosts are starch and starchy items like cereal, sugary substances & meat products. Another thing inviting larger roaches are paper products, books & their bindings which subsequently are destroyed by them. Additionally, faecal material can also be subjected to feeding damage, contaminating food and other products.

  • Transmission of diseases

These little creatures carry with themselves various viruses & bacteria leading to harmful diseases like food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhoea. The disease transmitting organisms are carried through the legs and bodies of cockroaches leaving them on food and utensils.

  • Prone to allergic reactions

Asthma is the prominent amongst all the allergic reactions caused by the presence of cockroaches in the immediate habitat. As the high populated cockroach zones are located in the urban and semi urban areas, the chances of these allergies spreading in urban zones are high. Researches have proven that strong indoor allergic agents are cockroaches and their by-products.

  • Omnivorous characteristics

This behaviour indicates their property of feeding on plants and meat. It has been shockingly revealed that cockroaches have been recorded to eat human flesh both living and dead more likely to bite fingernails, eyelashes, feet & hands. The further consequences of these bites may lead to irritation, lesions, swelling& minor wound infections.

The Real Impact – Health Hazards

Apart from the creeps they give you, the sensitive fact which should be the point of concern is the disease causing tendencies of cockroaches leading to a negative impact on human health. The health damages caused by the creatures may wary from allergies, infections & problems like gastroenteritis.

The main reason behind these suspected diseases is certain proteins found in cockroach faeces, saliva & body parts which they leave behind causing various allergic reactions.

Cockroaches mechanically transmit numerous diseases which could be categorised as:

  • Gastroenteritis

They are responsible for production of odorous secretions that can affect flavour of various food items leading to transmission of diseases by spreading out harmful germs carried around with their bodies. The wide range of diseases under this one can be food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhoea. The bacteria spreading these are primarily E. coli & salmonella species. Common Symptoms are belly pain, severe stomach cramps, tenderness, nausea, vomiting. Some people can suffer from severe diarrhoea further leading to dehydration and requiring hospitalization.

  • Asthma

It is counted as being one of the chronic respiratory diseases. Studies have firmly established that cockroaches can trigger acute asthma attacks. The victims are children residing in urban areas.

  • Bites

Species are noted to eat human flesh in both dead & live conditions. Threats have been indicated of being bitten in sleep in areas like fingernails, eyelashes, feet & hands. The following causes are evident: swelling, minor infections & irritation.

So, firstly start identifying it as a major problem,and without neglecting, go for precautions and get your surroundings cockroach free giving safer and healthier environment to your family.

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