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The humble neem tree, which is a part of almost any garden in India, has multiple medicinal benefits. In fact, most of its parts, right from bark to fruit to leaves, can help cure various ailments. Also known as ‘Indian lilac’, Neem has been an integral part of Ayurvedic cures for years. It is easily available all year and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

Neem can be used as an antiseptic, beauty product, ingestible medicine, or even be burned to repel mosquitoes. Let’s look at the various benefits of neem in detail:

Boon for skin

    Neem is rich in vitamin C and has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which are extremely beneficial for acne- and pimple-prone skin. It can also be used to remove blackheads. Here are some easy ways to use neem to cure skin problems.

    Blackhead removal

      Add a few drops of neem oil to distilled water and apply it to blackheads. This solution will remove blackheads and close the pores to prevent their recurrence.

      Acne cure

        Boil neem leaves in water and simmer for a few minutes or until the water becomes green. Use this water as a skin toner on a daily basis to clear pimples, acne, and blackheads. Here’s another useful pimple remedy: make a paste of neem and tulsi leaves with rose water. Use it as a face pack regularly for pimple-free skin.

        Oil control

        To naturally tone oily skin, make a paste with neem leaves, natural yogurt and lemon juice. Apply it to the face and let it dry, then wash it off with a mild cleanser. This will gradually decrease the oil glands on the face.

        Glowing skin

        Mix neem powder with milk, rose water, and yogurt and apply it to the face. Wash it off when it dries. Daily use of this pack will make your skin glow.


        Eczema is a skin disorder that causes major discomfort and itchiness. To get relief from eczema rashes, boil neem bark till it becomes soft. Make a paste out of boiled bark and apply it to the rashes for long term relief.

        Remedy for most hair problems

        Natural antifungal and antiseptic properties of neem can help cure many hair-related problems like baldness, dandruff and hair fall. Listed below are a few ways to use neem in hair and scalp disorders –

        Baldness or alopecia

        Baldness can be caused by excessive hair fall, stress, hormonal imbalance, poor diet or excessive use of allopathic medication. Regular application of neem makes hair stronger and acts as a conditioner. The use of neem hair pack also promotes hair growth.

        Dandruff and hair fall

        After every wash, rinse your hair with a decoction made by boiling neem leaves in water. This rinse can clean the scalp of debris, reduce inflammation and condition the hair.


        Neem oil can reduce mucus accumulation, decrease wheezing, cure cough and regulate breathing. Drinking a few drops of neem oil daily can provide long-term relief for breathing problems.

        Improves digestion and cures ulcers

        Neem leaves have a high percentage of fiber and amino acids which improve metabolism and aid in digestion. Regular intake of neem reduces gas, bloating and constipation.

        Neem restores the natural PH level of the digestive system and hence provides an effective cure for stomach and intestinal ulcers. It also provides relief from the pain caused by ulcers.

        Diabetes control

        Neem purifies blood, controls blood sugar levels and improves metabolism. This way it effectively controls the sudden fall and rise in blood sugar and provides long-term relief.

        Improves blood circulation

        Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all the vital organs. Therefore, cleaner and enhanced blood circulation can promote overall good health. To cure blood-related disorders, make a paste of neem leaves and mix it with honey. Take a spoonful of it on an empty stomach for a couple of months for improved blood circulation.

        Frequently asked questions

        Can neem be used to alleviate digestive issues?

        Neem leaves and their extracts have been traditionally used to address digestive problems, such as indigestion and constipation.

        Is neem effective in managing diabetes?

        Some studies suggest that neem may help regulate blood sugar levels, making it potentially beneficial for individuals with diabetes.

        Is neem oil safe for pets?

        Neem oil can be used on pets to repel fleas and ticks and promote healthy skin and fur. But remember to always follow proper dilution guidelines when using neem oil on animals.

        Is neem oil safe for use on sensitive skin?

        Neem oil is potent and should be diluted when used on sensitive skin to avoid irritation. A patch test is recommended before you use it extensively.

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