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Organic brown rice is finding place in many kitchens instead of white rice mainly because it is considered healthier. Organic brown rice is unrefined and unpolished whole grain. It is produced by just removing the outer hull of the rice kernel. Since brown rice does not go through the process of milling and polishing, it retains all its nutrients. Brown rice has wide range of nutritional components, a rich aroma and a nutty flavour which makes it fit to consume. And since organic brown rice is organically produced, it is free from pesticides, toxins and all forms of preservatives.

What makes organic brown rice healthy?

Organic brown rice is a whole grain which is reason enough for it to be considered healthy. Organic brown rice has a high content of dietary fibers that have several health benefits including protection from heart diseases.

The nutrient constituents of organic brown rice further attribute to it being healthy. Organic brown rice contains selenium which helps to fight against several health disorders. Manganese is yet another mineral which is found in abundance in organic brown rice and helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.

Organic brown rice is also rich in a wide range of antioxidants that contribute to the several health benefits associated with brown rice. The other nutrient components of organic brown rice include thiamine, iron, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, proteins, folates and healthy fatty acids. Together all these nutrients help to effectively fight health disorders and provide a healthier immune system.

Health benefits associated with organic brown rice

The introduction of organic brown rice in the diet offers several health benefits discussed below.

  • Prevention of diabetes:Organic brown rice has a low glycemic index that helps to reduce insulin surges and regulates the blood sugar level in the body. Organic brown rice with its content of phytic acid, fibers and polyphenols helps in slower release of sugar into the blood stream thereby controlling the blood sugar levels in the body and preventing type 2 diabetes.

  • Helps to fight obesity: Weight loss is one of the main benefits associated with organic brown rice. Organic brown rice contains manganese that is used for the synthesis of body fats. In addition, the high content of dietary fibers in organic brown rice keeps one feel satiated for longer time periods thereby preventing over-eating and to manage weight.
  • Prevention of neurodegenerative disorders: Organic brown rice is said to be a rich source of an acid that prevents from various neurodegenerative disorders like amnesia and dementia. Organic brown rice can also effectively prevent Alzheimer’s diseases.

  • Improvement of digestive health: The consumption of organic brown rice keeps the digestive system healthy. Organic brown rice contains a lot of dietary fibers that aid in better digestion. Organic brown rice consumption also prevents from problems like constipation, piles and colitis. The anti-oxidants present in organic brown rice keep the digestive tract free from infections and inflammation.
  • Promotion of cardiovascular health: The selenium in organic brown rice is considered beneficial for the heart. Consumption of brown rice also reduces the chances of blockage of arteries thus preventing vascular diseases as well as coronary heart diseases. The antioxidants fight against free radicals that lead to oxidative stress and damage of tissues surrounding the heart. Thus, organic brown rice keeps the heart healthy.

  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels: Organic brown rice is one of the best foods that can be consumed to keep cholesterol levels in control. The existence of naturally occurring oils in organic brown rice ensures that the good cholesterol levels are promoted. Organic brown rice also contains nutrients that help in lipid and glucose metabolism thereby keeping the cholesterol levels in check. Studies have also proved that organic brown rice has hypo-cholesterol-emic properties and help in cholesterol catabolism which improves good cholesterol levels and reduces the bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Prevention of cancer: Organic brown rice helps in the prevention of cancers including colon cancer, breast cancer as well as leukemia. The high content of fibers and antioxidants of organic brown rice attribute to this beneficial health effect. The fiber in the organic brown rice binds itself to the cancer toxins present in the body and removes them from the body. Organic brown rice also has phenolic components that help in prevention of cancer.


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