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While growing up, the only sugar I knew about was white sugar. Be it milk, a dessert, or an instant energy requirement, I always had white sugar to eat. But now the market is overflowing with different sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, palm sugar, coconut palm sugar and many more. But today, our only focus is going to be palm sugar. Palm sugar is made from the sap of Palmyra palm, date palm, or the sugar date palm. It is mainly used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It looks like brown sugar but is much more nutritional and beneficial compared to it. Here is how replacing your regular sugar with palm sugar in your daily diet, going to help you.


  1. Low Glycemic Index


Glycemic Index or GI ranks the carbohydrates with respect to their impact on the blood glucose levels. Glycemic Index measures the speed at which blood sugar levels raise levels of a person after consuming food. Quicker the food is processed in the body, higher is the Glycemic Index.


  1. Boosts Energy Levels


Palm sugar takes very little time to break down and absorb in the body. This process begins as soon as the sugar enters your mouth and mixes with your saliva. This is why it provides instant energy to your body and enhances the activity levels.


  1. Natural Unbleached Sugar


Regular white sugar is obtained by bleaching and chemically treating sugarcane molasses. Bone char which is made by burning animal bones is used in this bleaching process which is a big concern for vegetarians and vegans. This chemically treated sugar loses a lot of its nutrients and is not as healthy as the unprocessed form. Palm sugar is not refined and thus the vitamin and minerals remain intact in it.


  1. Diabetes Patients


As we know that palm sugar has lower Glycemic Index, it does not shoot up the blood sugar level all of a sudden. This is the reason why, palm sugar is healthier compared to regular sugar. However it is advisable not to consume a lot of palm sugar either, to diabetic patients as though it has a lower GI, it still is sugar.


  1. Oral Rehydration Solution


Oral Rehydration Solution or ORS maintains the electrolyte levels within the cells in our body along with rehydrating the body. This solution should be consumed when suffering from diarrhea, or vomiting where the patient loses a large amount of fluid from his/her body along with minerals and salt. ORS is the best remedy to quickly restore the lost fluids, minerals and salts. To make a quick oral rehydration solution, mix two tablespoons of palm sugar with a 1/4th tablespoon of salt in one liter warm water and ask the patient to drink it slowly. This is the best way to rehydrate a patient be it a child, a young man/woman or an old person.


  1. Other Health Benefits


The low GI also helps in improvement of women health. It is very useful for women suffering from PCOS. It is thermogenic i.e. it consumes the energy from your body to burn itself, this in turn increases the metabolism and aids weight loss. It also helps to burn fat from your body. Palm sugar is not sugar free, nor is it a substitute of regular sugar, but replacing your regular sugar with palm sugar will help to regulate your insulin level, blood sugar level thus preventing you from diabetes, and aiding your weight loss while still keeping you active and energetic throughout the day without risking your health.

The best thing about palm sugar is that it does not taste bad at all. It tastes just a little different from your regular sugar but is much much more beneficial for a healthy lifestyle and living. So you can add it a cup of your milk, tea or coffee or even to your desserts without knowing much of a difference.


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