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Olive oil is having many benefits and studies are still reporting more and more. It is being used for general wellness and purposes from a long time. The olive fruit (Olea Europaea) is being used commonly, let’s see how its uses and benefits varies and makes it to stand at the top of the all herbal oils. It is being used as cooking oil as well in most of the kitchens.

A research from University of Glasgow found that olive oil effective in reducing coronary heart diseases.

The researchers choose some volunteers and served 20 ml olive oil to them on a daily basis and only after 3 weeks it was found that the risk and effects of coronary artery disease was decreased up to an appreciating level.

Here we have introduced some of the uses that will surely help you to know more about olive oil:

  • Moisturizes skin well
  • For polishing furniture
  • Hair treatment
  • Soothing after shave
  • Olive oil for babies

Moisturizes skin well

Olive oil as a moisturizer works effectively and is best for dry and winter days. It is easily absorbed by our skin and makes it smooth and moist. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that help preventing aging and skin damages. Also you can mix olive oil in your paste (or mixture) for face to get a subtle and glowing skin in all natural ways.

For Polishing Furniture

Chemical and other costly polishes could be good for your furniture. But this natural oil polishes your furniture well and also aids repelling the insects. You can clean your furniture and metal with olive oil, this will provide a nice shine to your furniture.

Hair treatment

Olive oil is like a boon for hair. This works great for thick and curly hair. Olive oil nourishes the follicle and scalp well and promotes the healthy growth of hair. It is being used as a natural remedy for hair since ancient times and even many celebrities are glad using this. Massaging with some olive oil and rubbing the scalp for few minutes will make your hair healthy and shinier. You should surely give it a try.

After Shave

Olive oil as aftershave works really well as it smooths the texture of our skin and provides a cool and calming effect. It is best to be used after shaving and few drops are enough for your face, as it spreads and gets absorbed easily by our skin.

Olive oil for babies

Babies are delicate and need extra care. This oil is gentle to skin, and it is good to massage your baby with olive oil. Olive oil is perfect for soft and sensitive skin and could be used as smoothing and antiseptic agent for skin. This oil works as a shield to protect your baby’s skin from having rashes and irritation. This will work as an additive in your baby care.

                             Olive is a precious gift by nature, let’s make it worth using.

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