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Here is a million dollar question for you! Name one thing that is a Drink, a Treat, a Candy and a Snack? If you’ve guessed it right, the answer is CHOCOLATE. This drink of wisdom was even known to the Aztecs. Did you know that the first eating chocolate was made in England in the year 1849. I am sure those were the real organic chocolates.

 Chocolates are the only edible product that can be defined under various categories like Gourmet, health Food and in the world of Cosmetics.


Let’s learn how Organic Chocolates are produced

The wonderful organic chocolates are derived from Cacao Tree. The special feature of this tree is that it fruit yearlong this is the reason why in Greek Teobroma Cacap Tree means Drink of Gods. The flower becomes pod after pollination. The fruit takes approximately 6 months to ripe and bears 30 to 60 seeds which we call as Cacao beans.


Look for Organic chocolate rather than what you get in the grocery stores. You must be thinking why the world is growing crazy behind the word organic. Organic chocolates are produced from the crop that is harvested without the use of pesticides. Why to infect your system with the heavy dose of pesticides.

You will be surprised to know that an organic chocolate bar is full of antioxidants, infact as high as a glass of red wine. Antioxidants when enters your body do wonders. They protect your body cells from free radicals. There are many reasons for the production of free radicals like radiation, smoking, breakdown of food inside our body etc. Free radiacls lead to cancer, heart diseases etc.


Health benefits of Organic chocolate

Some important vitamins and minerals found in organic raw chocolate are:

  • Magnesium along with other essential minerals like Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Sulfur, Potassium and Iron.
  • Certain Polyphenols which are called Flavanoids. They are rich in antioxidants.
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B9
  • Oleic Acid, Proteins and Fibre


Let’s see how these nutrients offer health benefits


Better circulation and reduced Blood Pressure

Presence of flavanols and theobromine results in better circulation through promoting dilation and streanthening blood vessels this further keeps blood pressure normal.




Improves heart condition

The flavonoids and essential minerals and vitamins in raw chocolate improves blood flow and lowers bad choloestrol (LDL cholesterol). This results in reduction of plaque buildup thus no blockage in arteries. All these conditions lead to a healthy heart


Good digestion

Cacao contains fibers which aids in proper digestion. Cacao also stimulates the further production of digestive enzymes in our body.


Improves mental and physical health

Organic dark chocolate can do wonders for us.Raw chocolate contains antioxidants more than blueberries and flavanoids more than green tea. The phenols in organic chocolate builds up immunity and at the same time nitric oxide produce from the flavanoids in raw chocolate smoothens blood vessels.


Organic chocolates revitalize brain chemicals endorphin and serotonin. These chemicals elevate you to the feeling of euphoria. All these ages we were thinking alcohol can give us high, its our very own chocolate, the ultimate food.


Suppress your appetite

If you are on a weight loss program eat raw chocolates guilt free. You can also add a spoon of Raw or Organic chocolate powder in your tea cup. This will deliciously reduce your appetite.


Symbol of Sensuality

We have all related chocolate with the symbol of sexuality and sensuality. Aztecs were known to gift chocolates as wedding presents. This is truly a food of heart.


Prevents ageing

The antioxidants found in red wine and green tea, prevents ageing. Raw organic chocolates contain similar group of antioxidants. So enjoy your hunger pangs guilt free and feel young always.


Beauty booster


Chocolate can give your lusturous hair, strong nails and at the same time take care of your pancreas and liver due the healthy amount of sulphur in it.


Chocolate definitely plays a multi factorial role provided we choose the right kind of organic chocolate which can protect us from some chronic diseases and at the same time give us gastronomical delight.


For information on organic chocolates derived from the above discussed click here.


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