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Have you heard of liquid gold which is edible? Don’t be surprised if I tell you that it does exist! A golden nectar which transforms your body and mind beautifully. I am talking about “Honey”.

An alchemy of bees produce this wonderful liquid while visiting every pollen. Nothing can be organic than a good local and raw honey produce.  Honey has found to be a very beneficial ingredient, right from head to toe it has wonderful effect on our body.

Next time when you step into the alley of shopping marts do not forget to pick up a bottle of organic honey. There are countless ways in which honey is found tremendously good for our body. Here are few ways:

Is your skin too dry?

As a natural humectants honey is known to draw moisture from the air and restores it into your skin. It keep the moisture intact into the deepest layers of skin. Apply honey on your face if it is too dry.

Is your skin too cloggy?

There are various enzymes found in honey which opens and clears your skin pores. Honey is also antibacterial so it stops the buildup of any bacterial culture on skin. Any kind of breakout or skin imbalance is due to bacterial or fungal growth on skin. Apply honey on your skin as a pore cleanser. You can also mix jojoba or coconut oil in honey and massage gently all over your face, later wash it with luke warm water.

Exfoliate your skin

Honey has various enzymes and natural antioxidants this helps in nourishing and cleansing skin. Adding baking soda to honey can work as a natural exfoliator. You can get a radiant glow and complexion by using this concoction.

Fade your old scars

We all know the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of honey. Honey also lightens skin. It helps in the healing of old wounds and regenerates tissue. For skin revitalization mix honey with olive oil or coconut oil, regular massage can help in skin recovery.

Anti acne

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey makes it perfect for acne treatment. The doesnot let bacteria to thrive on skin and also calms redness of the skin.

A good bath soak

Honey as a bath soak is a good natural compound. It restores and hydrates skin and protects our skin from the oxidation process which usually occurs due to environmental damage.

Take care of your cuticles

Honey does perfect healing of the skin. Since its keeps skin moisturized, honey is a good cuticle moisturizer too. It maintains the pH balance hence keeps hard skin soft. When mixed with apple cider vinegar honey protects the nails and moisturises the hard cuticle skin and promotes growth.

Protect your hair shaft

Honey gives a lustrous shine to the dull hair. Coconut oil and honey in equal concoction when applied to damp hair for 20 minutes works as a good conditioner. On the contrary honey promotes new hair growth as it strengthens hair follicles. Try mixing few drops of honey with your favorite shampoo and see the difference in the quality of your hair shaft.

A good highlighter

Honey has a property of lighten skin, it does lighten your hair too. Honey slowly releases hydrogen peroxide when left on hair for an hour. Within few weeks you can see the change in your hair shade.

A good sunscreen

Honey can treat your sun burnt skin. It treats and moisturizes even the deepest burn skin layer. It soothes and calms the inflamed skin and accelerates skin recovery. Try mixing honey with aloe vera gel and apply on the sun burned skin. You will see visible difference in few weeks. Your skin will eventually lighten and also get rid of sun blemishes.

Honey is truly mother nature’s best gift to mankind. It treats so many ailments right from skin to liver and towards developing our immunity. Get yourself use to honey instead of sugar. Consume a good organic raw honey daily and improve your health conditions.

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