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When happy we always celebrate with sweets. Sweets are an inseparable thing of everybody’s life. Now that the life style has changed and more of health has become a thing to look after very carefully, indulging oneself into the delicacies can be harmful. Although alternatives and substitutes have been found for tackling these aliments of sweetness, nature still has these three natural and organic musketeers(Brownsugar, Jaggery and honey) to our rescue so that we can still enjoy life to the fullest and plunge into the sea of sweetness.


Brown sugar: Also known as palm sugar is obtained from either Arenga sugar palm, or date palm or coconut palm. This sweet brown sugar is available in syrup or solid form for ready consumption. Made from boiling the sap of the trees this sugar contains sucrose, glucose and fructose. One should always ask for organic brown sugar because it’s free of chemical residue and made using natural old methods. Brown sugar can be consumed by people of all ages irrespective of any health issues. There are few very important advantages to the body for consuming brown sugar

An ORS made from brown sugar helps maintain the electrolyte balance in our body when we are facing health problems like vomiting and diarrhea. We tend to lose important minerals and salts which are regained with the help of brown sugar. 

Metabolism increases since brown sugar is not easily burned by the body. It also helps burn the excess fat by releasing glucagon and also reduces insulin from the body.

Energy is gained by consuming brown sugar. Soit’s recommended to have it early morning to kick start your day with energy packed body. It dissolves quite easily with water and hence can be consumed as sweet drink also.

Diabetes can be controlled by consuming brown sugar as it does not shoot up the glucose level within the body immediately after consumption.


Jaggery: ‘Gur’, ‘Bellam’, ‘vellam’, ‘sharkara’, ‘Bella’, ‘Gul’,call it in any language; it brings water to your mouth. An item found in every Indian cuisine irrespective of the language and religion. A powerful product made out from sugarcane juice boiled till it turns into a solidified substance. A perfectly organic and natural product with many many health benefits.Every household should keep at least a Kg of jaggery at any given time considering the benefits mentioned below.


Blood: It helps build hemoglobin, purifies blood and even increases your red blood cells. It also maintains blood pressure to a normal level.

Body: It helps remove all the unwanted foreign particles from the entire body and cleans it very well. Hence recommended for city people considering the pollution they inhale every day. 

Immunity: Packed with anti-oxidants make the body immune to face any internal organ damage threat.


Liver: Keeps the liver healthy if consumed on daily basis.

Women: Helps tackle all menstrual problems.

Stomach: Suppresses all acids and protects the stomach and intestines from getting harm or damaged.

Cooling: During summer whenever you feel the heat, just eat a little jaggery and drink some water to beat the heat.

Using Jaggery in your day to day recipes will help keep all the family members healthy, fit and fine. Using as much as jaggery wherever possible is always suggested instead of the chemically bleached white sugar which has many disadvantages when considering health. Develop a habit of eating jaggery in your kids’ right from childhood. This will unknowingly help them at a later stage and they would have developed a liking for jaggery up to a great extent. 


Honey: An extremely versatile and useful natural food which can be eaten with almost anything from water to bread. The food which never spoils and recommended by Ayurved in many of its remedies. Honey is a favorite for the kids also which makes it easy for the moms to make them eat it. It is in fact a flawless food and natures wonder.

Immunity: Due to its antioxidant properties it removes free radicals from the body and improves immunity.

Skin: Honey is used in many skin improvement remedies. Merely drinking honey with warm milk makes the skin smooth and shiny.

Performance: It helps improve performance by boosting energy and also helps in recovering wounds fasters.


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