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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. There can be nothing more important than to kick start your day with a good,healthy and nutritional breakfast. The word breakfast itself brings water in the mouth. The night long fast which has to be tackled with a wholesome meal is the best time for all ages. Having a healthy breakfast has many benefits like it provides you the morning energy to start your day, helps tackle cravings of lunch, boost up your confidence level, makes you feel charged up and helps you perform for the whole day without tiring.

Skipping breakfast on the other hand has many side effects such as, you tend to eat more during your lunch time and other meals which increases the possibility of obesity. You even tend to loose on the daily intake of protein,vitamins and nutrients if you think of skipping breakfast.

What better option than to start your day with organic breakfast. Enlisted are some products which can have a miracle effect on your health and mind and body

Oats: Oat helps in reducing weight and risk of heart disease. Reduction in high blood pressure. Fights cancer also. Oats is very light on stomach and can be consumed with warm milk and a few dry fruits mixed with it.

Corn flakes:Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals and carbohydrates all packed in a single item together which fulfills all the requirements of a healthy person.Corn flakes do not have cholesterol which says that eating corn flakes keeps heart issues at bay. Good amount iron is present in corn flakes. When consumed with milk builds protein that keeps you on your toes and actively smart. Very effective in eye care.

Honey: Improves taste buds and builds up immunity. Natural sweetener which helps in weight loss when consumed with warm water and a dash of lemon every morning. Keeps the digestive track clear. Very gentle on skin internally and externally thus enhancing beauty.

Fruits: They help during the detoxification process which happens during early hours of the day. Stimulates your digestive system and makes it ready for another day feeling light. Feeds the brain all that glucose it requires for working and sharp thinking. Removes excess toxins and helps reduce weight. Helps your immune system to become stronger and create a strong shield against any disease attack. Helps reduce food craving since all the necessary vitamins and nutrients has been supplied giving a satisfying feeling to the brain and stomach. Keeps the system clean reduces bloating.

Nuts:Almonds, pistachio,Hazelnut,Cashew, walnuts and chest nuts, all these together work miracles on human body and mind. Almond works on bone and skin. Brazilian nut fights thyroid. Cashew helps memory through its iron and zinc content. Chestnuts are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Pistachio keep hormone balanced and improves vision quality.Walnuts helps reduce bad cholesterol.

Yogurt: Full of good bacteria which helps your gut. Helps reduce weight and fat. Fights high blood pressure and cold. High protein content. Can be consumed with dry fruits or plain.

Muesli: Mixed varieties of nuts, oats, flakes and fruits. low in fat and full of nutrients. Can be consumed very easily. With or without milk. Daily quota o nutrients and fiber comes from muesli. It comes in two varieties, Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian. Can be used as snack also.

Peanut Butter : Packed with protein and potassium. Contains fiber for smooth bowel movement and magnesium for making bones stronger. Reduces colon cancer. Improves memory, Prevents gallstones and type2 diabetic.

Research has shown that consuming breakfast has helped people in many ways to control diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart related disease. Develop habits of breakfast in your child and you will not have to worry about them when they grow up because the best of the healthy habit has been engraved on their mind and they will continue to do so for their kids automatically, turn the society into a hale and hearty one.

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