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Aliments caused due to indigestion can disturb your day to day life very much. Having your breakfast, lunch or dinner digested properly keeps your body in a healthy condition. Things go wrong when things don’t go out of your body properly.

In order to provide energy for the body the food and water consumed by the body should be split into smaller parts so that your cells can be built and nourished properly. Whenever this splitting of food particle is affected you face indigestion and which in turn affects other organs and health is affected.

Fiber is the main source to help digest food properly. Too much of fiber or too little of fiber both are dangerous for your digestive system. In case you are facing issues with digestion then the following herbs can come to your rescue

Amla: Antifungal,Anti-hepatotoxic,Anti-inflammatory,rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin c helps in slowing the aging process and improving immune.

Haritaki: Anti-oxidant, Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial helps in digestion and removal of toxins.

Bahera: Anti-bacterial, Anti –Fungal,Anti-malarial helps in reduce chronic issues.

Ginger: Anti-Oxidant,anti-inflammatory helps digestion. Treats stomach pain and flatulence and helps improve blood circulation.

Pippli: Stimulates appetite and helps build immune.

Trikatu:Combination of pepper and ginger as a digestive and nutrient enhancer.

Haldi: Anti-Oxidant,anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial

Triphala: A combination of three fruits Amalaki,Bibhitaki and Haritaki acts as natural cleanser, rejuvenating tissues, Anti-oxidant and digestion helper.

Ashwagandha: A powerful root and fruit combination helps fight chronic ailments, controls inflammation and reduces aging process.


Ayurved has medicines and remedies for all digestion related problems. One can follow Ayurveda in order to live a healthy life free of all illnesses. All natural ingredients which are used in day to day cooking and other preparations help improve digestive disorders along with other benefits. Ayurvedic remedies and medicines are being practiced worldwide now and are being considered as the best alternative medicine considering the side effects or Anti-biotic medicines. We usually tend to ignore what nature has given us in natural form and in abundance to make our life healthy and live life with full vitality. Practice of following Ayurvedic medicine and remedies from early stages of life have helped our ancestors lead a flawless healthy life.

Modern life style has made us more prone to diseases pertaining to immune system which in turn has affected everything in a modern life. Seeking help in chemicals and other quick medications has made our immune system weak and intolerable to various diseases. Use of natural herbs and medicines can be helpful even if started a little late in life. Including all these simple natural herds in day to day use can make life quite peaceful and healthy. What one requires is a proper knowledge about all these Ayurvedic medicines and remedies in order to prepare proper proportions of medicines to be consumed in various cycles. But now all the trouble has been removed by various companies which are into Ayurvedic medicines.

Good quality natural herbs and ingredients are available in proper containers ready for consumption. These natural herbs and medicines are available in form of candy, capsules and powder which can be consumed easily by following the guidelines mentioned on the packages. Now taking care of health is just a bottle away. Various Ayurvedic herbs and medicines are available for all types of immunity issues, pains and digestion problems. Relying on Ayurvedic remedies and medicines will never be regretted because they have no side effects and provide cure till the root cause of the aliments. Ayurvedic remedies are there for every part of the body, internal and external.  

Once you have learnt the use these Ayurvedic remedies then guiding others through your experience is also easy. Ayurvedic remedies always work on three basic vitals of health Vaat, Pitta and Kapha. Once balanced then fighting any aliment or diseases is as easy as day to day chores. Learn to consume as many as natural ingredients available in your kitchen cupboard and you will never run to a doctor for small things related to health. Keep implementing the holistic approach for a better life.

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