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Do you know, Calcium is one of the most abundant nutrient in our body and yet increasingly people are being diagnosed by calcium deficiency and related health problem?

Calcium happened to play a pivotal role in keeping the body strong and healthy. Even the building blocks of our body – the cells – use calcium in some way or the other. While most of us associate calcium with bone and dental health, do you know calcium vitally contributes to mental health and sleep patterns. So if you are missing out on a calcium rich diet, it’s time for a U-turn for calcium deficiency can open Pandora’s box of ailments like weakened bones or osteoporosis, anxiety and depression, mood disorders and sleep disorders.

So get started with adding some calcium to your diet today before it is too late!!

You can add calcium to your body in one of the two ways: Through the regular intake of calcium supplements or through a rich diet.

While supplements can do good for calcium deficiency, one must be smart about calcium supplements, taking these only in limited amounts (and with food!) for better absorption into the body. And above all, choose a natural health supplement, free of chemicals and carrying the goodness of natural calcium-giving substances. Most of the over-the-counter calcium supplements have bone meal or dolomite that have high levels of lead and other toxic materials. So go organic with your dietary supplements too!

Of course nothing can substitute a good diet. Diary product like milk, cheese and yogurt are one of the richest sources of natural calcium. These sources provide calcium in an easily digestible and readily absorbable state. Some other good sources of calcium include calcium-fortified foods such as organic cereals, oranges (and orange juice!), salmon, blackstrap molasses and sea vegetables. Look out for adding flavor with health to your meals with the small calcium boosters like basil, garlic, parsley, thyme, cinnamon, oregano and peppermint leaves.

So while making the choice between supplements and a healthy diet, bear in mind 5 of these best natural sources of calcium that you can include in your diet and reap their natural benefits, restoring your body with the essential calcium.


Leafy green vegetables are storehouses of two of the most important mineral nutrients that our body requires: Calcium and Magnesium. Did you know that one cup of collards contains as much as 358 mg of Calcium!! Try including mustard greens, lettuce, celery, broccoli, bok choy, kale, Swiss chard and turnip greens for a fulsome dose of calcium. are full of calcium, too.  Fennels, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, asparagus and mushrooms too are good additions to a calcium-deficient diet! Spinach happens to be the only exception here as it is rich in oxalates that make calcium absorption difficult for the body.


Beans, in all shapes & sizes -whether Navy beans, kidney beans, white beans, black beans, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, or baked beans or the rich soybeans- are all excellent sources of calcium and heart-friendly non-animal proteins. One serving of beans a day can add as much as 100 mg of calcium to your diet. Even soy products like tofu make excellent calcium boosters.


Make for a healthy start to your day with a bowlful of oatmeal or organic quinoa! Both these grains are calcium rich and make up for almost 100-150 mg of calcium besides magnesium & other minerals.

Sesame seeds


A teaspoonful of sesame seed can add almost 87 mg of calcium to your body. Use organic sesame seeds in you daily diet by crushing it in a powder and sprinkling it over your curries or soups or simply adding them to your breakfast cereal or salads.


Almond is by far one of the richest sources of not just protein and fibers but calcium too!! Soaked organic almonds, when consumed daily empty stomach can make up for all calcium deficiencies, adding almost 750 milligrams of calcium in a single serving!  Almonds also make excellent snacks. You may also want to try almond butter to make up for calcium in your body in a tasty way!!

While many food items can add calcium to your body, there exist some that can actually drain calcium from your body. These calcium-draining substances, when consumed in excess, deplete your body’s calcium stores, weakening bones and teeth.

Here’s a list of what all to avoid, especially if you are striving to make your body free of an existing calcium deficiency:

  • Salt & foods high in sodium content like fast foodsand processed meats
  • Caffeine & caffeinated drinks like soft beverages and sodas
  • Alcoholic beverages

For more information on how to include calcium in your diet and health supplements online.


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