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Thyme is a herb that belongs to the mint family. It is used as a spice which adds fragrance and flavor to the food preparations we make. Let us read to find out more about thyme.

1. Better Vision

Thyme is a rich source of Vitamin A which is a fat-soluble vitamin and an essential antioxidant. Vitamin A rich food is very beneficial for a good vision. Often people suffer from nearsightedness and night blindness due to lack of Vitamin A in the body. This is why, thyme is very useful for people suffering from night blindness or other eyesight related problems. Thyme promotes healthy eye sight.

2. Treats Cough And Cold

Thyme is antiseptic and antibiotic in nature this is what makes it a great home remedy treat a common cold, cough or even sore throat. It is also believed that thyme is a great alternative medicine which can be used to treat bronchitis and whopping cough. The best way to keep the cough and cold at the bay is drinking thyme tea everyday.

3. Skin Problems

As we know that thyme is antibacterial in nature, it is often used to treat skin related problems like acne, pimples, black and white heads. Thyme essential oil can be found in many soaps, face washes, or face scrubs. So basically, thyme is an herb which is beneficial for whole of your system.

4. Reduces Hair Loss

Have you ever heard of a spice that will treat your hair problems? No? Well, meet thyme. The thyme essential oil of this fantastic herb will strengthen the roots of your hair, while reducing the hair fall and regulating a healthy hair growth.

5. Healthy Bones

Thyme is a good source of Vitamin K, iron, calcium and manganese, this is why it can improve your bone health and give you stronger and sturdier bones. These minerals support and enhance the growth of bones and reduce bone disease related risks.

6. Aids Digestion

Thyme regulates our digestive juices and thus helps to aid digestion. This is why it is often advised that people suffering from bloating, acidity and indigestion should consume thyme tea twice a day. It also helps to control the intestinal cramping.

7. Diuretic

Some people have the tendency of storing water in their body, which results into swelling and inflammation on the body. A swollen body not only looks bad it also pains when pressed. Consuming thyme is a great home remedy for such people. Thyme is a diuretic, which helps to flush out the extra water from the body and thus reduce swelling.

8. Insecticide

Thyme helps to keep insects and pests at the bay. It can be effectively used to keep the insects and pests that survive on human blood. Also, if you are already suffering from a bee sting or an insect bite, thyme oil will soothe the irritation and reduce the inflammation of the insect bite.

9. Antiseptic

Thyme carries antiseptic properties and keeps the wounds and sores from getting infected. This is why, thyme essential oil is often used on small cuts and wounds to prevent the pus formation and stop any infection.

10. Controls Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that thyme is very useful to control and regulate blood pressure. Thus people suffering from hypertension are suggested to consume thyme tea or thyme in any other form daily to control their hypertension.

11. Stimulant

Thyme is a great stimulant it enhances the blood circulation in the body, digestive juices in the intestines, nervous responses, secretion of hormones thus improving the overall functioning of the body.

12. Anti Fungal

Thyme is anti fungal in nature thus it helps to kill yeast in the body. Various yeasts cause many problems in human body like urinary tract infection, vaginal infection or even mouth infection, this is where thyme helps us the most. Thyme kills these yeasts and keeps us healthy and fit.

These were a few benefits of thyme and many reasons to start consuming thyme in your daily life. The best thing about thyme is that you can consume it in numerous ways without taking away its nutritional value.




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