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The Egyptians have laid their hand in almost everything including perfumes. They used perfumes in burying bodies; so that the bodies could be preserved. Well, at least, the preservation part is right for both time lines because people mainly use perfumes to give out a good smell when they go out. Maybe that’s what the Egyptians wanted; to smell nice when their bodies were taken out centuries later.

In the quest to find the right perfumes, keep in mind that it is just as important as the outward style as having the perfectly tailored suit. Finding the right perfume that can be used every day complements one’s lifestyle and enhances one’s presence and makes a better impression than a firm handshake.

There are a few things that should be kept in mind while buying the signature perfume; otherwise, one might end up smelling like a gym sock.


  • While trying out new perfumes, wait for some time before smelling it because the original smell might not come out at that instant.
  • There are actually three layers in a perfume- the top, the heart and the base. When one smells a perfume immediately after applying it, only the top and at the most the heart layer may be smelt but the bottom base layer can’t be smelt.
  • The base layer of a perfume is the smell that comes out after some time and that is how a person is going to smell throughout the day.

Alcohol content-

  • It is very necessary to check for alcohol content in the perfumes as it determines for how long the smell of the perfume will be there. Low alcohol content may result in the smell fading away very quickly and too much may result in the perfume being very costly.

It is very important to know that no two person’s body may suit with the same perfume because every person has a distinctive body chemistry which depends on the daily diet, hormones, overall health and especially the natural body aroma. Every person has a unique natural body aroma and that’s how dogs can differentiate between people.

How much perfume should be applied?

  • The right way to apply perfumes may actually sound difficult but it’s not that difficult as most of us think.
  • Some prefer to apply it with their finger which brings a little bit of scent to a long way; others just prefer to use the conventional spray.
  • Either way, it's best to apply the perfume in small amounts right at the pressure points; like the wrist, neck and underarms mostly in the upper part of the body to smell right.

Prolonging the fragrance-

  • To help the fragrance withstand in a day, try applying the scent from the bottom pressure points of your body like near the ankles, behind the knees and to the top portions of the body like near the neck, behind ears and if necessary near the elbows.
  • As the heat of the body rises, the perfume will act in response to heat, and the fragrance will stay on.

There are some benefits for wearing the right perfumes -

  • Good smell -(for obvious reasons unless if it’s the wrong perfume) but they also hide the bad smell and ensure that there is a good smell around.
  • Mood buster- Wearing a perfume whose smell corresponds to the mood that a person is in will help project the mood better.

Things aren’t as hard as they may seem, but choosing the right perfume is often very difficult; but once it’s done wonders can happen around.


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