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A simple one-day late night can lead to dark circles in the morning and that same week is how exactly god tests you with a stunning party. What do we do? Of course, try every kind of face washes, sunscreen and whatever cream exists in the world from the top brands to homemade, only to get no results and lose interest in the products. No, it doesn’t work that way because it is not an overnight miracle. There are plenty of reasons to smile yet we pick one from the short list of why not to smile. Looking at your skin getting dry and remembering your childhood days where your feet looked better than a lotus is one such example. We have carefully locked up some factors that can help you feel a healthier change and a glowing skin very soon.

  • Protect Yourself. Be sure to take advantage of the warm weather and get your daily dose of vitamin D for radiant health. If you are on a long outing plan on a sunny day, remember that your best friend is the sunscreen lotion. Also, lemon is a natural way to bleach your skin and that doesn’t mean you can squeeze it in your eyes and wait. That’s a total fail! Apply fresh lemon juice to the affected part using cotton and make sure you are not killing your eyes with it. Rinse with cool after half an hour and get ready to look fab in your party!

  • Beauty sleeps to keep yourself beautiful. No, you don’t rethink it. Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin gets tired just like you. Don’t risk it. You can also apply honey on your face twice or thrice a week to naturally relax and revitalize your skin. Don’t forget to wash and moisturize your skin before going to bed and moisturizers, consider using it sometimes to keep the moisture in your skin.

  • Forget alcohol added artificial products. Try to use natural scrubs to nourish your skin. It’s almost like helping your skin breathe better. We understand how tough of a schedule you maintain and how hard it is to prepare scrubs with natural elements in the home. There are many organic products available for you with no alcohol content added. When we say go back to your roots, it also means you should practice yoga, some basics would work miracles and hence the easiest way you can keep nourishing your skin daily without much effort. This helps to release accumulated stresses, and each individual’s experience is different. To be more specific, breathing exercises and Surya namaskar are more than enough for the serene look you need.

  • Remove your makeup. Just think of how hard it would be to keep crushing you inside a bag, there is no way you can breathe or do anything. That applies to your skin also. If you are not conscious about this point and frequently keep covering your skin with loads of makeup creams on your face, don’t expect your skin to boost your confidence, while you look at the mirror without makeup. Even if there is a necessity to wear a light makeup frequently, just make sure you always remove your makeup before it gets too late. The skin needs to breathe overnight. And makeup prevents that, as leaving it on overnight war on the pores which may cause blemishes and/or blackheads. Don’t have a makeup remover? At least once or twice a week, scale your skin to remove the layers of dead skin, sure to leave you with a youthful glow and radiant skin. You can also apply a paste of walnut in powder form with yogurt to scale your skin, as the antioxidants present will help your skin remove dirt and promote radiant skin.

Look at how easy it is to maintain a healthier skin in easier ways. It’s totally possible if you are taking in some efforts that won’t cost your laziness anyway. Try to be happy about your natural looking face with organic products as much as possible and remember to not keep hurting your skin with so many artificial products and it can be your forever best friend!


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