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As Manuel Villacorta a renowned dietitian says- “What you eat makes a huge difference in how you age and how you feel”

Aging is the problem that everyone has to suffer one day. You cannot avoid it at all, but yes you can delay its affects. Aging comes to us with both the sides good and bad. At the stage of aging your hair will become grayer and your skin will get wrinkles and pigmented. For an instance it can be prevented by healthy and organic living. Sometimes your skin and hair starts showing the aging effects in an early age, it is due to your improper schedule and inappropriate diets. Try eating healthy, avoid using chemical products for makeup and all. As it is said that prevention is better than cure, if you’ll take precautions from today it will be beneficial for your days ahead. Go through this below, it will surely help you out in prevention of your aging.

Let’s see what is going to help us:

  • Water-Water-Water
  • Green Tea
  • Eat well
  • Avoid sugar
  • Rest as much as you can
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid make-up
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Red Wine

Stay Hydrated- Water is the most miraculous thing available in this planet. As it is the sign of life and is having nourishing effects in it, it is a gift to us from god. Drinking plenty of water keeps us healthy, hydrated and also keeps our heat healthy leading the delays in aging. Drink at least 3 liter water a day in order to keep yourself healthy and young.

Green tea- Green tea works great as an antioxidant. It contains high level of OPCs that is a superb antioxidant and helps in protecting the skin from aging effects. Consumption of green tea slows down the premature aging and keeps the skin subtle and calm. Drinking 3-4 cups of green tea in a day will help your skin great in looking young and glowing.

Eat Well and healthy- Increase the consumption of oranges, other fruits, dry fruits and oats and also intake a large amount of vitamin D. Try avoiding the processed food and go through the natural substances and vegetable if you don’t want to look old before your age. Eating pure-natural and the reduction of unnecessary fat in your diet will keep you healthy and young as these have helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and rejuvenates the skin cells frequently.

Avoid Sweets and Sugar- Lessen the use of sugar and sweets, maintain your diet properly. Sugar is good for up to a short instant only, consumption of sugar in large amount decreases the lifespan and this is a direct cause of aging. So make sure to reduce the use of sugar as much as possible, if you are fond of it try using natural sweeteners that are recommended for healthy living.

Rest and sleep- Reduction in your sleeping time will increase your aging and will make you older before your age. Allow your body to rest as much as possible as this will maintain the growth rate of the cells in your body and will make you feel fresh, rejuvenated and younger. Live a stress free life and allow your mind to rest properly, as stress is one of the greatest causes of aging.

Quit smoking- If you are having a habit of smoking, quit it from today only as this will ruin your body internally and will also make you older before the time. Smoking worsens the effects of aging and kills you day by day. A person with the habit of smoking starts looking old in an early age and also the colour of his face becomes dull, wrinkled and pale. Smoking increases the production of harmful enzymes and restricts the blood flow that makes you older in a very small age.

Lessen the use of makeup- Using unnecessary styling products and makeup with a lot of chemicals gives a glowing skin but only for short span of time, later it worsens your skin and kills the cells in a very quick manner. Try avoiding the chemical beauty products and go for some organic ones, that will not only make you look beautiful but also nourish your skin well.

Olive Oil- using oil for skin or consuming it with food both are much beneficial for keeping us healthy and young. Though it contains fat but still the fat available in this oil is much beneficiary for health also its application on skin removes the wrinkles effectively and allows the skin glow naturally.

Red wine- There is a lot of benefits of drinking red wine. It is a great source of antioxidants and works great in demolishing the harmful radicals in human body. Red wine consist a large amount of resveratrol that helps in avoiding the early aging of skin and also it gives a radiant glow to the skin.

Coconut oil- It is considered as a miraculous product by nature in order to prevent aging effects. Try using unprocessed coconut oil that is free from chemicals and impurities. Coconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E and has anti bacterial properties that help great leading to a healthy heart.

Eat healthy and stay young. Aging is the certainty of life, it’s up to you how you take it.

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