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These days with busy schedules and a hectic life, we just aren’t able to take enough care of our skin and hardly think of our eyes even for once. Eyes are a wonderful gift to us by God, but we hardly take time out and provide them some relaxation and relief. Throughout the day, this very important body part just keeps on working tirelessly. And do the eyes suffer? Yes, they do, in the form of dark circles or puffiness around them.

If you are facing some similar issues and have no time to follow those long and natural treatments to keep your eyes healthy, then fear no more as there are organic eye creams and gels available to help you out in such a case. But before we move on, it is very important to know the cause of dark circles so that they can be restrained back from appearing once treated-

  • Sleep deprivation- Take enough sleep to rest your eyes
  • Genetics- Sometimes, family geniality causes dark circles
  • Medication- Few medications cause the blood vessels to dilate causing dark circles
  • Scratching or rubbing eyes regularly
  • Sleeping on your stomach regularly
  • Ageing
  • Stress and working on computers for long

To begin the journey of having eyes without dark circles, just try out these aids, and your eyes would be just fine like those during childhood days-

  • Under eye gels

Since the skin under the eyes is 75% less thick than that on the face, and doesn’t possess sweat glands, it is really important that it stays hydrated so as to avoid puffiness and darkness. That is why before applying an under eye cream, one should apply an under eye gel. Also, under eye gels are said to keep the skin under the eyes refreshed and smooth naturally as they contain almond oil, aloe vera and in some cases even potato extracts and soya that are believed to aid in keeping dark circles away.


  • Under eye creams

Once the skin has been hydrated, it can be treated as per requirement and in case of dark circles, a good under eye cream works perfectly with no other additional help required. But it is imperative that you select an eye cream very specifically because it is not a cosmetic product. Also, regular application and enough time really work for those dark circles. And of course, the schedule for application is also not a tedious one, just in the morning and evening is sufficient for showing those dark circles the exit.


  • Eye creams with sunscreen

These days every city is racing to become a cosmopolitan. As population expands, distances also rise and so do prolonged travel and traffic to office, hence more exposure to those damaging sun rays and pollution. Results include damaged skin and especially the under eye skin because it’s the softest. In case you have dark circles, then the situation becomes even worse and daunting. To keep the effect of the sun in control, it becomes imperative to use an under eye cream that can protect your skin against the sun too.


  • Aloe vera gel

Since ancient times, aloe vera is believed to have soothing and calming properties that can heal and relax the skin. Aloe vera gel is so hydrating in nature that it keeps the skin nourished for long. Moreover, it also purifies the skin to remove those unwanted elements from it. So whenever you feel tired and drenched, do apply aloe vera gel under your eyes to prevent dark circles from appearing.

So dear, no matter whether you are a teenager or a middle aged woman or a lady to be married, just try these natural products under your eyes to see the blemishes vanish forever.


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