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 Any Rand’¸ the well renowned Russian-born American novelist & philosopher, spells out her own opinion pertaining to neatly cleaned skin. By saying, “We are all brothers under the skin - and I, for one, would be willing to skin humanity to prove it”.

A personality is considered by his/her appearance; one that has a smart and charming personality always have the attention of others and distracts the mind by his glowing face and look, we always invent new things pertaining to our skin and try them on face, mainly in winter our skin becomes dry and dull. While in summer we have to face polluted air and lots of sweat on face due to which our skin starts becoming unhealthy and ugly. But for preventing these unendurable things and keeping face moisturized and good looking, there are some proven and useful organic remedies by following which we easily can get a charming and exotic look.

Olive oil- To refresh and moisturize skin in an easy way is to follow olive oil, because this oil has antioxidant along with some of fatty acids in a big quantity which is a big tool for conditioning and to moisturize skin, there is a simple method for making a remedy using olive oil, take two full spoon of olive oil and 5 grams of honey and mix them till next four and half minutes then add minimum 10 drops of lemon in it and gently massage this paste on your face at least a couple of minutes, organically your skin will start transforming in an elegant form and will look moisturized. 


Coconut oil- This particular oil provides a marvelously soothing effect on the face, coconuts are known to benefit us in several ways. Moreover, it is consumed for being an able-bodied as well. Coconut oil particularly can be used once in 10 days. Coconut contain some fatty acids; one of them is ‘luaric” acid which defend us from ‘microbial infections”. So, therefore this is a highly recommended to use, coconut as well as its oil to get a better and moisturizing skin.

Lemon grass- It plays an important role in our life in many ways, lemon grass benefit us admirably, it intensively performs controlling microbial and some of bacterial development on face. Moreover, some organic lemon grass replenishes the wounds occurred on face by ‘folliculitis”. It is a simple method -apply it on the face, clean the face through lukewarm water then wet a cotton ball with lemon grass and rub it gently on your face; certainly you will get deodorized, moisturized and good looking face.


Papaya- It is an organic face ‘exfoliator”. Papaya contains a ton of ‘carotene’ in comparison of others. In research, it has been proven that papaya has a massive storage of vitamin A, panthothenic, enzyme and magnesium and so on, which are very useful elements for all types of skin and also keeps off dead skin cells. Peels of papaya simply can be rubbed on the face; overall consuming papay daily gives a shiny, flamboyant and glowing look.

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