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Do you often skip combing your hair to save a few precious minutes in the morning? Or do you use the first plastic or metal brush that comes to hand and fits easily inside your bag? Do you comb your hair just once a day? If you answered yes, then we should let you know that you are practising some very bad hair habits without knowing it. Beauty experts will tell you that combing your hair is one of the easiest ways to maintain soft, shiny and healthy hair. And even better so if you comb it the right way using a Neem Wood Comb

Our ancestors, ayurveda experts and even yogis swear by the benefits of using wooden combs. Want to know why? Read on further to find out.

No Static

Static electricity caused by rubbing your hair with a metal or plastic comb makes your hair stiff and frizzy. It is believed that it also causes a loss of energy to the brain. Hair charged with static is very brittle and highly susceptible to damage due to breakage or exposure to chemicals. Using a well-rounded wooden comb helps prevent static and promotes healthy hair.

Encourages Hair Growth

The scalp contains a majority of blood vessels that provide nutrients that help hair grow. However, the majority of these vessels are present at the back of the head in an area known as the occipital region. This is the part of the scalp that provides your hair with a fresh blood supply and all the necessary nutrition. Combing hair stimulates the scalp due to the movement and improves blood circulation. When circulation is enhanced, the scalp receives more nutrients which help the hair grow faster, longer and healthier.


Balances Internal Health

As per ancient beliefs and studies, the head is perceived to be the point where all the internal energy converges. According to the study of chakras, this is where energy can turn good or bad and can in turn affect overall health. The head is where all the medians of the body come together, and combing it regularly can maintain the balance of internal and external energies which lead to good health and protection against stress, mental health issue and other internal problems.


Removes Tiredness And Fatigue

Combing your scalp with strong and long movements from the front of the scalp to the back, and then from side to side is a technique that can remove tiredness from the body and mind. This massaging action using a comb helps to re-energise the body and calm the mind. Hence it is recommended that you comb your hair 100 times before bed so that you can sleep better.  


Nourishes The Hair

The scalp produces some naturally occurring oils that hydrate and nourish the hair roots. But if this oil stays on the scalp it can attract dust and pollution making your hair look flat and lifeless. Instead, if you run a wooden comb along your scalp and through the length of your hair, it helps to evenly distribute the oil without making the hair look dull. The distribution of oil adds a lustrous shine and nourishes to help hair grow.



Removes Dirt And Foreign Particles

After a long day, unwanted particles in the air settle into the hair. Regular accumulation of dirt and pollutants can increase the oil secretion and the residue can also lead to dandruff and damaged hair. Using a wooden comb helps to remove the settled particles and open up the pores allowing the scalp to breathe. It removes product and oil build up which can make your hair look lifeless due to increasing dandruff.

When using wooden combs, remember to clean them thoroughly and regularly to keep them in the best possible condition to treat your hair. Use it daily and brush often to keep your hair looking smooth, shiny, long and lustrous.


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Frequently asked questions

What makes neem wood combs unique for your hair care routine?

Neem wood combs possess extraordinary properties that work wonders for your tresses. The natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties of neem help fight dandruff and prevent scalp infections. Plus, their smooth teeth gently massage your scalp, enhancing blood circulation and promoting healthy hair growth.


Can using a neem wood comb reduce hair breakage and split ends?

Neem wood combs have smooth teeth and natural oils present in the wood that help prevent hair breakage and minimize split ends. By gliding effortlessly through your hair, they reduce friction, leaving your mane silky and resilient.


Do neem wood combs help control frizz and improve hair texture?

Neem wood combs possess the power to tame even the wildest of hair. Their anti-static properties and ability to distribute natural oils evenly help control frizz, leaving your hair looking smooth and lustrous.


Are neem wood combs suitable for all hair types?

Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or oily hair, a neem wood comb is your perfect hair companion. Its versatile design and gentle nature make it ideal for all hair types.


Can using a neem wood comb help alleviate scalp conditions like itching and dandruff?

Neem wood combs are like superheroes when it comes to scalp health. Their natural antimicrobial properties combat itchiness and help eliminate dandruff-causing bacteria, providing relief and freshness to your scalp.


How can a neem wood comb contribute to sustainable hair care?

By choosing a neem wood comb, you become an eco-warrior fighting for sustainable hair care. Neem trees are highly sustainable, requiring minimal water and no pesticides to grow.


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