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Wonder often how to get soft, supple hands? Well! The journey to soft beautiful hands is not the arduous one as it may seem at the onset. Rather, organic lotions have made things easier than they could get! Our hands are perhaps the most used of our external organs, so it becomes even more imperative that proper care be taken of these priceless gifts!


Organic Lotion usually comes as a low-viscosity emulsion of oil and water, enriched with mineral nutrients and vitamins, that is topically applied to the skin to treat dryness and prevent blemishes. All organic hand lotions are designed to give you smooth and soft hands and deter tanning and provide UV protection as well. Organic lotions come in the form of both hand creams as well as gel-base.


While chemical-based lotions use synthetic oils, organic hand creams use natural essential oils derived from natural sources to give you a chemical free experience, free of rashes and allergic reactions attributable to these chemical agents.


Being made of natural substances, you will see that the best organic hand lotions have not just vitamins and essential nutrients but also include other natural ingredients like Shea butter, Aloe vera, etc. that hydrate the skin through deep layer penetration, thus rejuvenating and restoring skin damage.


Using a good hand lotion regularly can help in keeping them soft and smooth. Let us take a quick look at how to make an easy-to-prepare and economical homemade hand lotion that can be prepared using common kitchen ingredients:


Collect the following ingredients: Coconut oil, some cocoa butter, lavenderoil, beeswax, olive oil.


Take some distilled water in a jar and heat it to boil. Melt the beeswax in another bowl and add the lavender and olive oils to the wax. Add some coconut oil along with the cocoa butter. Heat while stirring till the mixture is uniformly mixes. Add the hot distilled water to the bowl of mixture and stir till it turns into a hot milky liquid. Keep aside till it cools down.


Your hand lotion is ready!!


For those who are pressed for time, try buying a good organic hand lotion from the market. Do take into account your skin type and how your skin reacts to the various ingredients, even if natural ones, while making your choice of a hand lotion.


While you will find many organic creams, lotions and gels in the market, do take the time and the diligence to choose only the best hand lotion for yourself. Gift your hands a perfect moisturizing and hydrating companion in the shape of the best organic hand lotion that you can lay your hands on!!


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