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Shaving is an annoying endeavour that leaves their skin feeling worn out raw and A smarting from razor burn. Here is some way out to get rid of these skin irritations after shaving.

  • When to exfoliate before shaving, it line up hairs for a uniform shape and cleans up the dead skin cells and agree on for a closer shave. When it is done after shaving, it clears all the pores and avoids ingrown hairs, which occurs due to razor bumps.

  • By using a shaving lubricant regularly can help as a protection from the rough skin after shaving.Always use shaving cream that will hydrate the skin. Shaving creams are usually used for sensitive skins. Always shave with only water isn’t the good method.  And always don’t forget to reapply the cream, after shaving the same area twice.

  • Always shave in the direction of the hair growth. Don’t forget to use razor strokes that will go downward and apply pressure with razor against the grain of your hair that is the main reason for the irritation and bumps on the skin.
  • Always do shaving against the grain of the hair, which permits for a closer and smooth shave.
  • By using shaving cream with aloe vera gel or other homemade ingredients deliberate for sensitive skin. Let the aloe vera gel to assemble on your skin for at least 3 minutes to soften the hairs, which has no side effects on the skin. The aloe and other homemade ingredients in the shaving cream can make a surface that gives way a smoother shave with less irritation.

  • By using hydrocortisone cream or salve after shaving can reduce the irritation. Always use hydrocortisone directly after shaving to diminish the sting and redness that can cause by the razor. The salve helps to soothe the skin and heal any irritation that occurs on the skin after shaving.
  • By applying the hydrocortisone after shaving daily can be the reason to reduce the effectiveness of the skin. Regular use of hydrocortisone can be the reason for the thin skin.
  • Put on lotion is also a good habit after shaving. By using a moisturizer and unscented lotion on the shaved area can reduce the effect of dry skin after shaving.

  • Always Use a depilatory to remove hair from the face.Depilatories can soften hair at its root within the hair follicle. Using a depilatory can decrease the skin irritation that is caused due to shaving.

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