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It sounds very good to ears when the name of ‘Rihana” comes from someone’s mouth, she is a well renowned Barbadian singer and song writer. According to her, “I drink a lot of coconut water. It balances out all the other toxic stuff I put into my body.”

Coconut oil is highly consuming edible oil all over the world. The consumption of this is cherishingly done worldwide, because it has the properties which are the best not only in skin care treatments but also in hair care treatments too. This is called multipurpose oil because its use is done in cooking some of the food too.  Coconuts are immensely stored with awesome properties of ‘Antioxidant and Anti-aging’, there are uncountable products made by coconuts and its oil that are available in the market by means of which we can get a flawless and glossy look.

Benefits of coconut oil for a skin-

  1. Removes pigmentation
  2. Alleviates blemishes
  3. Lowers the old scars
  4. Prevents the breakout of acne
  5. Softens skin
  6. Brightens face in short span of time and so on

Helps to soften the skin- We always plead god to have soft and smooth skin because our beauty and smartness is reflected through our face. For having flawless beauty we not only spend lots of money but also start experimenting new-new things on face, that sometimes may have side effects on face. Using some of the chemically based ordinary creams may damage your face. But opting for some coconut oil based creams can be the best and easiest way to get a new rejuvenation on your skin.

Let coconut remove pigmentations-  Having pigmentation on face is very embarrassing thing for any individual, all of us want to be looking adorable and elegant and therefore we start looking for the products in the market and unknowingly choose the one which are chemically manufactured and can ruin your skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended to all to try some of the products that includes coconut oil or its extract within it because they are very good in soothing your skin and give the respite from pigmentation.

Vitamin E repairs skin- There are countess causes that can result wear and tear of our skin, in our daily life we sometime are unable to give that much care and later on it causes lots of problem, but if one uses coconut oil for its skin, ‘that will be very lucrative for repairing the skin’s wounds’, yes, because coconut massively contains vitamin E and the vitamin particularly are the best for face.

Capric acid defences from microbial infections- Coconut has some of the best acids in itself, capric acid is one of them and it is not only essential part of coconut but also good for our health as well. Capric acid is well known to have the properties of antimicrobial infection and because of that it protects us from the microbial infection. Scientifically, it is said that microbial infection could enter the open wounds so therefore using of organic coconut oil can keep this away from you.

Muster the power from coconut to beautify your skin.


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  • Posted On April 28, 2016 by pravin

    Coconut oil is very beneficial for skin as well as hair growth. It make your skin soft. Ghee are very beneficial for skin read this blog https://www.meravivah.com/blog/benefits-of-applying-ghee-for-hair-and-skin/

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