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We hear a lot about yogasana these days. Many people have started practicing yogasana, it is also considered as one of the best work outs of all time. The question is why? Here are a few reasons of why practicing yogasana everyday is a good thing. Also, if you add aromatherapy to your daily life, along with yogasana, you will see great results for your body and mind pretty soon.

1. It is An Exercise

For starters, it is, well, an exercise and we know that exercise is good for our body. The important thing to understand is why yogasana is a good exercise. The answer is quite simple. Yogasana is not a single exercise, it is a combination of different poses that are beneficial to different parts of your body. Now the interesting part is, yogasana is a complete package. If you are looking for some good cardiovascular exercise, or an exercise for your full body, you should definitely perform Suryanamaskar. It is a great cardiovascular exercise, which increases your heart beat, sweats you out, improves your blood circulation and breathing. Different yogasana are beneficial in different ways, some are cardiovascular, some are for building strength, some are for stretching and there are a couple of asana for rest too!

2. It Manages Stress

Yogasana is a great way to manage stress. These asana or exercise, are not stressful on their own. Rather they calm you down, relax you, relieve your anxiety and fatigue. They are the perfect way to start your day, or even to end your day if you wish to. Practicing yogasana everyday in a peaceful environment help you to uplift your mood and prepare you for the tension your upcoming day might throw at you. This is one of the best and most natural way to manage stress.

3. It relieves Pain

Another good thing about yogasana is that it helps to relieve pain. Many yogasana require to stretch the body, these stretches help to soothe the sore muscles and relieve muscular pain. Many yogasana also help to relieve headaches, or menstrual problems.




4. It Improves Concentration

If you thought that the only way yogasana is beneficial to the mind is that it relieves stress, you were wrong. Yogasana is a very commonly prescribed remedy to improve concentration, and treat ADHD. ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a syndrome, were people are unable to concentrate, they are always restless, and lack focus. There are yogasana which help to treat people suffering from ADHD. These asana make people focus and meditate rather than just merely making them concentrate.

5. It Relieves Insomnia

Another great thing about yogasana is that it treats insomnia. Unlike other exercises which tire you down and that is why you are forced to sleep,yogasana doesn’t tire you, it relaxs you. Yogasana soothe your body and mind, it lulls you to sleep. The yogasana like shavasana, vipritkarni asana, etc. help you to relax your body and mind and slowly take you to a deep slumber. This is why, yogasana is a better treatment to insomnia compared to any pills or medication available in the market.

6. It Treats Allergies And Aliments

Yogasana is not only good for your body and mind it is also very helpful for other organs in the body. Yogasana can treat problems right from bloating and acidity to spondylitis, it can help right from losing weight to losing the wrinkles. This is why, yogasana is a perfect solution to all the human body related problems.




From tomorrow, make it a habit to practice yogasana. It is a quick and easy way to stay fit and healthy. Just roll out your yoga mat in your favorite corner of the house, on your terrace, in your balcony or just in your living room, burn some incense sticks or aromatic candles to elevate your mood and get started to practice yogasana. This will keep you fit, healthy and happy, not to forget, will also calm you down and give you a stress free mind and a tension free life.





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