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Yogasana is a quick, easy and not too exhausting way of being healthy. Just spending a few minutes from your daily life and practicing yogasana to stay fit and healthy. Combining yogasana with aromatherapy has great effect on your body and mind. Here is a list of yogasana that you can easily perform everyday to maintain a good health.

  1. Virbhadrasana


Stand straight with your feet together

Keep your hands on either side, palms touching and facing your thighs.

Spread your feet hip wide apart.

Place your left foot firmly on the ground and turn your full body to your right.

Bend your right knee.

Slowly breath deep and lift your hands above your head.

Join the palms together in Namaskar mudra.

Stretch backward, without exerting your back. Fix your gaze at your fingers.

Count till 10.

Slowly exhale while bringing down your hands.

Carefully bring your knee back.

Slowly join your legs together.

Repeat for the other side.

Benefits: Stretches the full body. Improves concentration.

2. Balasana


From all fours on your mat, bring your toes together and draw you hips down towards your heels.

Fold forward and rest your head on the mat and your arms on places on either side.

Relax and count till 10.

Benefits: Aids digestion, calms the body and mind.

  1. Bhujangasana


Lie down on your yoga mat facing the ground, arms on either side of your body.

Rest your forehead on the mat and relax your neck and shoulder.

Bend your elbows and place your forearms on the yoga mat, palms facing the ground placed near your ears.

Inhale and pull down your shoulders, engaging your back muscles, press your forearms against the mat and raise your upper body off the mat.

Try to stretch your back and see above, while resting forearms, and lower abdomen on the yoga mat.

Relax the shoulder and keep them away from ears.

Exhale slowly resume your original pose.

Benefits: Stretches and strengthens the backbone and spine.

  1. Tadasana


Stand straight with feet spread hip wide.

Keep your backbone straight with hands resting on either side of the body, palms touching thighs, facing the body.

Stretch your arms and join them in Namaskar mudra.

Inhale deep and stretch your arms above your head.

Tilt your head backwards while maintaining your gaze on your fingers.

Count till 10.

Slowly and deeply exhale with relaxing your body and resume the original position

Benefits: Improves concentration and increases height.

  1. Titali asana

    This pose opens up your back and thighs.


Sit down straight on your yoga mat.

Open up your legs a bit, bend your legs in the knees, and bring them as close to your body as you can, so that it looks like an open book.

Bend a little and hold your feet. Press your knees down with your elbows.

Repeat this multiple times.

Benefits: Stretches thighs and hamstring. Makes the body flexible.

  1. Pavanmuktasan

  2. Directions

    Lie on your back, feet together and arms on either side.


Breath in and as you exhale bring your knees towards your chest and press your thighs on your abdomen.

Breath in again and as you exhale lift your head and press your chin to your knee.

Hold in the position taking long deep breaths in and out and count till 10.

You can also practice is asana by lifting one leg at a time.

Benefits: Aids digestion

  1. Sarvangasana


    Lie down flat on your yoga mat facing the ceiling.

    With multiple jerks, lift your legs upwards.

Rest your hands on your back to support your position.

Lift your legs upwards, until they become perpendicular to the floor.

Rest your head and shoulders on the yoga mat and hold the position.

Count till 10.

Slowly resume the original position.

Benefits: Activates full body. Improves concentration. Strengthens the lower body.


  1. Shavasana


Lie down straight on the floor, on your back

Close your eyes

Breath normal.

Relax your body and mind. Let all the stress and negativity go.



Take your time to relax.

Slowly get up and stand straight.

Benefits: Relaxes the body and mind. Reduces depression.

While practicing yogasana is a meditation in itself, burning incense sticks and cones or aromatic candles helps to concentrate, relax and improve the efficiency.


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