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They say that practicing Yoga is the pathway to getting closer to God. An age old Indian practice- Yoga when practiced with precision will ensure that your body, mind and soul feel energized and refreshed leaving you feeling divine. Even with the variety of health exercise regimes available today, Yoga is the only form that assure some form of mental peace.

During pregnancy it is very important to take care of oneself like stretch marks and the sorts, but with the hormones raging in every other direction, most health experts suggest, yoga as a must. A woman becomes a mother when she discovers her pregnancy. Not only will it help the mother with an easy delivery, it will also help her remain fit and energized. The meditation that will follow at the end of the session will help the mother calm down and channelize her thoughts in a positive manner. It is no wonder why Yoga has become very popular amongst pregnant women. It is important to understand that not all ‘asana’ or positions are for pregnant women and the initial stages should be practiced under supervision.

So let us talk in detail as to why a pregnant woman should practice Pre-natal Yoga and what are its advantages.

  1. Yoga Calms the mind- During pregnancy, in addition to the hormones controlling the mind, the motherly instinct kicks in as soon as the woman discovers her conception, and this mother instinct adds to stress and worry with respect to the health and well-being of the child and overall future of the family once the child is born. Yoga will help the mother calm down, especially with the various breathing techniques and help the mother judge situations objectively rather than irrationally. In other word decreases the chances of pre-natal depression, thus encouraging positive thinking.
  2. Helps the mother to be fit- Pre natal Yoga will help the mother remain fit and healthy during pregnancy. Pre-natal Yoga will control weight that the woman puts on during pregnancy; it will also ease her from nausea, back aches and cramps disabling the mobility in the woman. The exercises will ensure a good amount of stretching and encourage mobility. Stiffness is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and Yoga will not only help with easing this unwanted stiffness but also increase the blood circulation.In fact, a research has confirmed that a woman who practices pre-natal Yoga will birth a healthy baby. She will not be having any diabetes related issues and the baby will be born with healthy weight.
  3. Preparation for Labor-The process of labor and delivery can be one of the most painful and body taxing procedures. Thus when a woman is pregnant she must also be prepared for this routine, even though C section is an option. The ‘asana’ that are taught to the expecting mother, will help the mother prepare for labor. Some of the exercises will help expand the cervices for a smooth delivery without much stress. Pre-natal Yoga will help build stamina and channelize energy positively during labor and delivery.The breathing techniques will help the mother relax during labor and aid in the delivery process being smooth.
  4. Helps in building a bond with the baby- The breathing and meditative techniques taught during the Pre-natal Yoga classes, will help the expecting mother to build a strong bond between mother and child. Yoga will help the mother focus on what is within the body and channelize positivity towards it.
  5. After Birth- The exercises that are taught during the pre-natal session can also be practiced after birth which will help the woman to reduce her weight. Post-natal depression is a very commonly acknowledged phenomenon which takes place after birth, where the woman feels depressed and feels no emotional bond with the child; she often feels neglected and for the same reasons is consumed with guilt. Yoga provides any individual with peace of mind, thus it checks the onset of post-natal depression. 


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