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If you have a job which compels you to sit in one position in front of your computer for long hours (most of us do) then you have a huge chance of suffering from a stiff neck and back, sore shoulders, strained wrists and what not. It also at times gives a severe headache, stresses you out and by the end of the day, you are tired, if not physically, mentally. Aromatherapy is one of the best remedies to elevate your mood, relax you and to reduce your fatigue. Just burn up a couple incense sticks or cones, or use an oil diffuser with the ever relaxing lavender oil or the fragrant rose oil. Besides you can also get a head massage with coconut oil to relieve your mental stress and tension. But what about the physical pain you are going through? Aromatherapy can reduce the physical stress to some extent by relaxing you, but it is not a permanent solution. This is why, you should practice the following yogasana to maintain a healthy lifestyle and relieve any stiff or sore muscle in your body.


  1. Marjariasana




Kneel down on your yoga mat. Knees below your hips, palms below your shoulder.


Keep your head straight


Take deep breaths and lift your chin. At the same time push back your head slightly.


Keep your hips firm.


Exhale and bring your chin near your chest.


Relax your hips and arch the back as much as possible.


Count till 10 and resume the starting position.




It enhances your blood circulation.


Strengthens wrists and shoulders.


  1. Batilasana




Kneel down on your yoga mat. Rest your palms on the yoga mat just beneath your shoulders parallel to your feet and ankles.


Start with your backbone straight and gently lift your chest and tailbone to form an arch or curve of the body downwards. Do not press your back downwards.


Maintain your gaze in front with a relaxed neck and breath normally.


Count 15 and resume your original position.




Stretches your spinal cord and backbone.


Tones your abdominal muscles.


Strengthens wrists and elbows.

  1. Garudasana


    Kneel down on your yoga mat and sit straight with your hips resting on your ankles.


Extend both arms straight above your head.


Encircle your right arm and drop down your left arm, cradling your left bicep in the crook of your right elbow.


Twist your thumbs away from your body and bring your palms together.


Hook your thumbs together and breath into the stretch.


Count till 15 and resume your original position.




Stretches your upper back and arms.


  1. Forward Bend




Stand straight on your feet hips wide apart with a slight bend in your knees.


Bend from your waist and hang your head down.


Interlace your fingers behind your neck and gently swing your upper body in the figure of eight motion.




Releases the tension from your neck.

5. Anjaneyasana


Kneel down on your yoga mat and place your palms beneath your shoulders on the floor in front of you.

Bring your left foot inside of your left hand and press into your left heel as you lift your chest and bring both arms straight up.


Keeping your hips square and arms along your ears, arch your lower back and bring your gaze upwards as you continue to stretch your arms up slightly behind you.


Hold as long as you can and then repeat on the other side.




Releases tension in your hips.


Stretches your hamstring and quads.


Strengthens your knees.


  1. Shavasana




Lie down straight on the floor, on your back


Close your eyes


Breath normal.


Relax your body and mind. Let all the stress and negativity go.


Take your time to relax.


Slowly get up and stand straight.




Helps to relax. Relieve your stress and anxiety. Calms down your body and mind.


You should practice these yogasanas regularly to strengthen your back, spine, and shoulders and prevent you from any further ailment related to the lower back. If you are already suffering from a pain in your back, shoulder, neck or arms, you can practice these yogasanas and apply a pain relieving ointment for a faster relief. You can also use a warm compress to soothe the sore muscles.


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