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Once in the research of Bryan Fry’s team at the University of Melbourne, Australia. This significantly emphasized that these are extremely poisonous pests for human beings. Moreover, as per the DNA-based outcome, it was also emphasized that some of the lizard species have the poison equivalent of snakes.

Lizards have always been one of the most horrifying foes for human beings; they often appear leaning against the wall, which looks very terrible. Especially while sleeping, we remain scared by these slithery insects because, most frequently, they lose their grip and fall at us. In research, it has been scientifically warned that lizard skin has very harmful diseases like, e.g. 'septicaemia" as well as ‘fatal organs”. We heard it several times in much more news that a lizard fell in a bucket of milk and took some people’s lives. But now, there is no need to be worried about them because there are some organic and home remedies and some essential oils that also play an important role. Therefore, by using these things, we can easily keep ourselves from harming ourselves.


This is a proven and successful method to prevent the lizard due to its extracts and its intense smell. The lizard may arrive from anywhere, and obviously, we don’t have any idea. But for preventing them, eucalyptus and its oil are the best organic methods. For its usage, you may put some drops of this oil at doors or windows or at any other place where a lizard’s arrival is possible. And if we talk about eucalyptus oil, simply sprinkle the oil around the room, door, and windows. Sooner or later, you will get the expected outcome. Follow this method to prevent lizards.


Lizard repellent

There are lots of anti-lizard sprays available in the market and on online shopping websites, where they can easily be bought, which is extremely preventive to keep these hazardous pests at bay. Apart from sprays, lizard repellent comes in the form of liquid, and for this liquid’s usage, you may have a cotton ball, wet it with some drops, and put these cotton balls in all corners to evict the lizard from coming to your habitation.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the salient oils to prevent unwanted lizards from entering your home. It works admirably well due to its smell. Lizards can be controlled by putting some drops of lavender oil on a little ignited lamp or fire; this will produce a hard-killing smell that will surely prevent the lizards.

Pepper spray

This method of preventing lizards is very cheap, but by using it, we may easily get rid of the lizard. To make this pepper spray, properly grind black pepper and chili, then mix them with water for 10 minutes, then fill the mixture in a big bottle. After spraying it around your abode premises, you will certainly get results because of the intense smell of pepper spray. Therefore, this is a very effective organic-formulated method to evict the lizard.

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Lizards around the house can be quite scary. Plus, these pests can bring on a plethora of diseases for humans. But by following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure a lizard free home.


Frequently asked questions

What diseases can be caused by lizards?

Lizard skin can cause septicaemia and a plethora of other diseases among humans.

What oils are most effective against lizards?

Eucalyptus and lavender oil can work as effective lizard repellents. 

What is easiest homemade lizard repellent?

A quick DIY pepper spray using using ground pepper and chilli can be an effective lizard repellent.

Can you ready made lizard repellents?

Yes, there are several brands that offer quality lizard repellents, both online and offline.



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