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Smoking herbs has been a part of history for thousands of years for ceremonial, religious, and even medicinal reasons. Over the past years, there’s been a widespread resurgence of interest in herbal smoking products. The harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine, coupled with routine drug testing by companies for controlled substances, have resulted in health-friendly alternatives to tobacco. One can steer clear of all these by opting for herbal cigarettes, which are both health-friendly and environmentally friendly. There are many health benefits to Herbal Cigarettes and some of them are discussed below.


Tobacco Free

Herbal cigarettes, also called tobacco-free cigarettes, are easily available. Instead of tobacco, a mixture of consumable products is used. Herbs like corn silk, rose petals, banana skins, and more constitute the mixture. Flavourful and health-promoting herbs like mintcinnamon and lemongrass are also used. These cigarettes are generally used as a substitute for standard tobacco products and are also used to help stop smoking.



Nicotine Free

Herbal cigarettes provide a healthier alternative without the addictive properties of nicotine that are associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes, as they contain a unique blend of all-natural herbs that are 100% tobacco- and nicotine-free. The mixture of soothing herbal blends is a reliable substitute for tobacco and a great starting point for anyone looking to quit smoking. Herbal cigarettes can be an alternative to cigarettes when it comes to improving your health.

Safe for Passive Smokers

When you breathe tobacco smoke, you’re inhaling more than 4,000 chemical products. Think of the protection and cleaning work you’re asking your respiratory system and, in fact, your whole body to do every single time you smoke a cigarette. You are not the only one affected, but also your loved ones, because they are exposed to passive smoking. Herbal cigarettes, on the other hand, are not harmful to the smoker or his company.


Provides Immunity

The advantages of herbal cigarettes are that they help body’s defence mechanism fight against diseases. Herbs such as lemongrass prevent and treat upper respiratory tract infections as well as the common cold. The Herbal Cigarette is also a good way to fight against colds in winter and wet coughs. Mullein is also used in smoking mixtures for smokers who are trying to relieve congestion. Coltsfoot is an expectorant herb, which means that it promotes coughing and helps to expel mucous.

Helps you to Quit Tobacco Cigarettes

The negative effects of smoking tobacco are well known. cigarettes can be just smoked and it is also a very good way to quit smoking as it satisfies the urge without harming the body. In smoking Herbal Cigarettes the risk factor is less and the benefits are more as compared to the normal cigarette, which is high in toxins. Catnip and Coltsfoot herb add a relaxing note to the smoking mixture and are effective in taking the edge off the craving for tobacco.


Detoxifies the Lungs

The main advantage of having Herbal Cigarettes is that they help detoxify the lungs, dilate the airways and improve overall lung functions. Most importantly it does not have the harmful effects the tobacco cigarettes have. It acts as a throat cleaner and enhances sonority in a singer’s voice.

Rejuvenates the Body and Mind

They build up energy and rejuvenate the body as it promotes calming nervine action that relaxes the mind. The soothing flavor as well as the harmless smoke helps to calm the frayed nerves and tired body. 

No Bad Breath or Foul Smell

Chamomile flowers, rose petals and cloves are used for a pleasantly fragrant smoke. In place of the nasty smell of smoke, it gives a pleasant smell of herbs that is pleasant and long-lasting. The smell of tobacco lingers on in the environment, especially the furnishings; fortunately, with herbal cigarettes, the smell is aromatic as well as temporal.

Frequently asked questions

Do herbal cigarettes have any side effects?

Herbal cigarettes may cause very minor side effects such as throat irritation or coughing, however, very much safer than traditional cigarettes.

Can herbal cigarettes be smoked indoors?

Although herbal cigarettes may still produce smoke and odour, you can smoke them indoors.

Do herbal cigarettes get you high?

No, herbal cigarettes do not produce a high or any psychoactive effects.

Where can I buy herbal cigarettes?

Best places to find herbal cigarettes in some speciality tobacco shops, online retailers, or health food stores.

People say that any type of smoking is harmful; however Herbal Cigarettes can be smoked in moderation for health enhancement. The healing ability that the herbs have, that can be delivered through smoking these Herbal Cigarettes. Each herb, herbal smoke, herbal bud and herbal smoking blend has its own characteristics and offer particular effects so moderated herbal smoking can boost the health and alleviate problems.



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