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Meningitis is defined as acute inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This inflammation can be caused by a number of reasons, including a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection, attacking those particular membranes. With so many different symptoms, and extreme variability between individuals, this inflammation can often reach life-threatening levels before it is properly diagnosed and treatment is begun. If left untreated, meningitis can result in deafness, permanent cognitive damage, and even death. To avoid complications one must consult a doctor, along with some home remedies can be used simultaneously, which may help to alleviate the pain for the patient. Some home remedies as discussed below can boost the immune system and treat meningitis effectively.


  1. Garlic

Allicin and various other organic compounds found in garlic contain powerful antioxidants that have both antiviral and antibacterial properties. For someone suffering from meningitis, the odds of eliminating the infection (or preventing it before it ever happens) are much greater if they consume garlic regularly.


  1. Olive Leaf Extract

For a proper herbal approach to treating meningitis, olive leaf extract can be used, which is praised for its antiviral and antioxidant properties, in addition to its proven anti-inflammatory abilities. It helps to reduce inflammation, lower fever, and ease pain and discomfort associated with this serious condition.


  1. Chlorella

One of the most well known home remedies for meningitis is chlorella, due to its impressive chlorophyll content. Although chlorophyll is typically associated with plants and energy production, it is remarkably similar in structure to our own hemoglobin, and can therefore boost red blood cell production, which increases oxygenation, purifies the blood, and helps to speed up recovery and repair of the damage from meningitis.

  1. Bed Rest

Although this seems like an obvious suggestion for someone suffering from such a dangerous disease, many people do not treat it as seriously as they should. The compromised immune system caused by meningitis means that any further exposure to pathogens or viruses can make the entire situation even more complicated. Therefore, a patient should get comfortable, stock up on books and movies, and stay in bed until their body can naturally heal. Unnecessary exposure to temperature changes and germ-heavy environments should be avoided to speed up the recovery process.


  1. Cold Packs

The fever that accompanies meningitis can often be quite severe, and it can also make treatment and recovery more difficult. Fevers are a red flag from your body that it is fighting off an infection, but the raised temperature can be dangerous in and of itself. Therefore, regularly using ice packs to keep the fever down can give your immune system more of a fighting chance against the inflammation and infection.


  1. Neutral Bath

When suffering from meningitis, the body experiences a wide temperature array, particularly when the blood is rushing around the body to the brain and spinal cord, attempting to treat the problem, but often exacerbating it with more inflammation. When you slide into a neutral temperature bath, your blood will respond accordingly and redistribute properly throughout your body, thereby easing the inflammation and discomfort in the brain and spinal cord, effectively treating some of the symptoms.


  1. Ginseng

As another of the cure-all substances frequently turned to in home remedies, ginseng can be used in the treatment of meningitis. The active ingredients of ginseng, the ginsenosides, are believed to directly act on the affected membranes to eliminate the infection and speed the recovery process. Ginseng can be eaten directly or boiled in a tea to enjoy the effects and have this ancient Chinese remedy get you back to normal health.


The bacterial form of meningitis is more dangerous that the viral form, but both should be treated quite seriously. The above recommendations are viable options in conjunction with formal medical treatment. In particular, if the diagnosis/treatment is delayed for some reason, more aggressive treatment will be necessary to ensure that no permanent damage is done.




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