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Diffuser sets are similar to the scented candles. The ceramic diffuser sets work by vaporizing the essential oils and spreads the aroma throughout the place. These are also used for treatments in aromatherapy and also for keeping the place fresh and nice. These diffuser sets come in various designs and interesting shapes, making it a good choice of ornament for the house and the office region.

The diffuser sets consists of three main parts,

  • An urn for placing the lamp.
  • A shallow
  • A replaceable lamp.

Water is filled in the shallow base of the diffuser set, and few drops of essential oils are added to the water. The essential oils vaporize by the heat generated from the lamp and diffuse to the outer side of the ceramic diffuser. Another use of the water is that it avoids any trouble that might arise out of the lamp that has been lit.

Ceramic diffuser sets use various kinds of essential oils to spread the aroma. These essential oils have a dual role. They give out characteristic fragrances as well are used for the purpose of healing. Just because the name states that it is “essential oil”, it indicates the extracts and the fragrances that are obtained from various plants and seeds, mixed with an oil base like organic vegetable oil. Some oils that are used for both aroma therapies as well for the purpose of keeping the room fresh are,

  • Cedar wood oil for relieving tension.
  • Chamomile oil for lifting the mood.
  • Peppermint oil for relieving respiratory congestion and also for calming the mind.
  • Rose oil to treat asthma.
  • Rosemary oil for soothing the mind and enhancing the focus of the mind.
  • Jasmine oil for eliminating the anxiety caused during childbirth.
  • Lavender oil for relieving stress.

Before choosing the diffuser sets, make sure that the essential oils that are used in these are suitable for the pregnant ladies in the household.

Ceramic diffuser sets invite people to the place of their own. When working in a place that needs more focus or calmness, these diffuser sets come to the aid. Joy by Nature has a wide range of interesting ceramic diffuser sets that are sure worth a buy.

Soil White Electric Round Diffuser

Soil White Electric Round Diffuser is a 5.5-inch ceramic diffuser. It is a white diffuser that uses only 2-3 drops of oil with water in the lamp to give you the best aroma all around the house.

Soil White Ball Electric Diffuser

This White Ball Electric Diffuser is ball shaped and weighs as little as 530 grams, to help you to move easily from one place to another. Plug in the lamp, and let it heat up. Then add water and 3-4 drops of aroma, and you’re done! Fill your house with exotic fragrances with this product.

Soil Base Ceramic Electric Diffuser

A lightweight, the seven-inch long diffuser is all you need to make your home smell the best. The soil base ceramic electric diffuser weighs just 250 grams! Add 3-4 drops of aroma after filling the container with water, and get your home scented to your taste.

Soil Grey Base Round Diffuser

A 6.5-inch, the large bowl-shaped diffuser is all you need to make your home smell the best to you and people around you. This Soil Grey Base Round Diffuser takes 3-4 drops of aroma with the container filled with water. Plugin, and enjoy the great aroma around your house.

Soil Brown Fibre Aroma Diffuser

Soil Brown Fibre Aroma Diffuser weighs just 200 grams and is 6.5-inch in height, with a wire length of 1.5meters. This diffuser is all you need to brighten up your home with great fragrance. Plug in this diffuser and let it heat. Then add water and 3-4 drops of aroma into the container, and you’re done! Your house smells perfect!

Joy by Nature has a lot more in store for you, with different fragrances for different occasions and different tastes. With a great range of diffusers, Joy by Nature wants to make sure that you feel comfortable in your home, with their range of fragrances and diffusers to liven up your home.


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