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Essential oils are an ideal way to brighten up your house, and they, not only make your home smell great but also have the bonus of improving concentration, increasing energy levels, uplift mood and produce a calming and soothing effect on inhabitants. The effects of the aroma of essential oils are proven to be therapeutic, and it is no more a question of why you should use them in your home. It is how to most effectively use aromatherapy to brighten up your living space by the use of Essential Oil Burners that you must now address.

How to choose the right oil burner?

While shopping for the perfect Essential Oil Burner to complement your home, ensure that you remember the following things:

  • Pick an oil burner that has a large saucer that is both deep and wide in equal measure.
  • Ensure that the saucer is detachable so that it can be cleaned and for ease of extinguishing the candle.

  • Pick a design of oil burner that leaves sufficient space between the tip of the flame and the bottom of the saucer so that the water never comes to a boil.
  • The number of ventilation holes is an important measure to check whether the candle can be burned with enough oxygen supply.
  • Make sure that the candle is placed in a spacious area so that lighting and maintaining it will be easier.

Why pick an oil burner over a diffuser?

Just as different musical instruments play tunes in different sounds, each device that can be used to spread essential oils in your living area is used for a different purpose. An Essential Oil Burner is used to gently spread the aroma of the oil in the room and it also has an aesthetic appeal as they look beautiful with a gentle glow. An oil burner is ideal to:

  • Treat respiratory tract infection
  • Treat throat infection
  • Eliminate mental and physical fatigue
  • Relieve tension and anxiety
  • Calm the nervous system

How to use an oil burner effectively?

An oil burner consists of a candle holder at the bottom and a saucer or a bowl to hold the fragrance and a frame that holds it all together. Essential Oil Burners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there are plenty designs available that will go with any existing interior design theme that you might have chosen for your house. An oil burner is aesthetically pleasing; the warm amber glow of the burning candle and the aromatic stimulation it provides together makes it the ideal substitute for a lamp or a vase to decorate a corner table or a counter top.

To effectively use an oil burner, the following instructions are recommended.

  • Ensure that you use only the recommended types of candles along with the oil burner to avoid the risk of overheating and even burning.
  • You can use your oil burner with essential oils, simmering granules or wax melts although the instructions differ for each, and they have to be followed
  • To use the oil burner with essential oils, light the candle, and then pour water into the saucer and add two to three drops of essential oil. When the water is heated, the fragrance is released into the air. In this method, you need to ensure that the water is never boiling.
  • When using the burner with simmering granules, you can directly add a few spoonfuls of granules into the saucer and then wait for them to melt.
  • Wax melts are also placed normally into the saucer and melted directly over heat.

With all the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy and the added appeal of the aesthetic beauty of the oil burner, there isn’t really any reason to procrastinate any longer. Get an Oil Burner right now!


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