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What are Reed Diffusers?

Reed diffusers  have turned out to be the latest sensation in the home fragrance industry. They basically are a means to spread the fragrance of essential oils and other fragrant fluids all around the surrounding atmosphere with ease. It consists of a glass bottle that contains the fragrant oil and a bunch of sticks that acts like wicks that spread the fragrance. These sticks are mainly made from Rattan palms and are very light and porous, enabling them to absorb the oil very quickly.

How do Reed Diffusers work?

Reed Diffusers are used by inserting the reed sticks into the bottle that contains the oil. Each reed stick, being made from rattan palm, has got 20 odd channels inside. These channels help the oil in the bottle to seep up through the reed stick in a short span of time. After reaching the top of the stick, the oils will start diffusing into the air, spreading their lovely fragrance all around the room.

Why use Reed Diffusers?

There are numerous advantages that reed diffusers possess over its counterparts. Some of the reasons why reed diffusers are the best way to add a wonderful aroma around the house are:


  1. Convenient

All you have to do is insert a bunch of sticks in a bottle and after a few minutes, voila! You have got yourself a house smells divine. The fragrance of the oil diffuse into the atmosphere through the reed sticks very easily and that too within no amount of time. Flipping the sticks every now and then to refresh the whole process is the only thing you have to take care of while using reed diffusers. Flipping them once a week will be more than enough to keep your home smelling wonderful.

  1. No fire involved

You must have noticed the fact that reed diffusers do not use fire to spread the scent and don’t require any heat, unlike the scented candles and other means used to spread fragrance. Hence, it is the safest method for the purpose and is highly suitable for households with children. Also, being flame free, it will be free from soot as well. It can be used without causing any damage to the surroundings.

  1. Long lasting

Reed diffusers come with a long life. If it is wisely used, they can last for months although there are many factors such as the air conditioning, speed of the fan, open doors and windows, etc. that affect its dispersion. On an average, diffuser oil of 120 ml quantity can last for about 3-4 months. You can replace them if you feel that the scent is fading and even flipping the reed sticks is not helping.

  1. The Aesthetic appeal

The colour and the appearance of the essential oils have got a certain class and charm to it. Seeing them all bottled up in pretty little glass bottles is truly a treat to the eyes. It can accentuate the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your home.

  1. Neat and Fuss free

Unlike scented candles that pour wax all over the place, reed diffusers are a neat and sleek alternative to refresh the ambience of your home with a lovely aroma. After the initial setup, which is totally a cakewalk, you need not bother about it for a long while. It will sit there in the corner and do its job on its own without any fuss.

  1. Variety of Scents

By using reed diffusers, you will get to choose from a variety of natural oils that come in wonderful scents such as Vanilla , Lavender , Mandarin oil , etc.

Filling your home with wonderfully fragrant scents can elevate the positive energy that surrounds the house. Living around a lovely fragrance will make you happier, your mind calmer. And reed diffusers are a great way to spread scents of exquisite charm all over the house. Click here  to know more about aromatherapy and home fragrance options.


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