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Coming home from a tiresome day at work, all you need is to relax and rest. But the stench of the house completely shut for the day hits you right when you enter. This is the right time to bring some fragrance into your home.

With a variety of options available everywhere, it is pretty easy to make your house smell heavenly. But what do you prefer? A mild fragrance or a strong aroma? There are a variety of options available each carrying a characteristic smell and purposes. You can choose according to your choice and senses. There are the oil diffusers which consist of a glass jar filled with scented oil and a set of bamboo sticks that release a scent constantly into the room as well as the scented candles which release fragrance while also illuminating your place when lit.

Here are a few parameters on which you can decide which would suit you best: Scented candles or Oil diffusers?

  • Bring heavenly smell

Candles are one of the oldest traditions to keep your home fresh and aromatic. Candles  create a soothing ambiance with their lights while also providing fragrance. They are best suited for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Essential oils and diffusers are the modern innovative methods of scenting your house. They provide a mild fragrance to the entire house continuously.

  • Health benefits

Candles are most commonly used to scent your room. It creates a serene and warm ambiance. There are a lot of advantages too. Good quality scented candles carry the authentic fragrance as they say. It burns cleanly and evenly. Nothing can beat the elegance of candles.

However, essential oil diffusers are also a popular trend to scent your house. Its delightful scent will help you to improve your mood. As it sometimes contains essential herbals, it helps to increase energy, improve concentration, make you relax and calm. The oil diffusers spread the fragrance of oils all over the house.

  • Longevity

Most good quality oil diffusers, in particular those which use high-grade fragrance oils or important oils, will last for 3 - 6 months, providing continuous fragrance throughout that time.

Scented candles on the other hand have unique burn times, commonly between twenty and eighty hours. Of course, a scented candle will only provide fragrance when it is lit.

If you are looking for something convenient and practical to provide subtle, continuous fragrance throughout your residence, then a diffuser might well suit you greatest.

  • Cost

While an oil diffuser may have higher price than a scented candle at the time of purchase, eventually both of them cost nearly the same. This is because oil diffusers are used for a longer period of time.

  • Safety

Oil diffusers are the safer choice as they NEVER use a FLAME. Scented candles   require a constant flame to operate. You need to keep an eye on them and trim the wick to 1/8 inch as necessary. You need to remember to blow out the flame if you leave the area or go to sleep.

Oil diffusers are also particularly useful if you have young kids or pets, where a candle might be in danger of being accidentally knocked over.

Hope these points help you in choosing the right alternative for scenting your home. Click here to explore different varieties JBN has to offer.


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