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Pleasant smelling and odor free home makes a good impression among your guests and neighbors. Everyone wants to make their home smell good along with making it beautiful. Though you are living there, might be it is possible that you are not able to smell it but others can. Sometimes we are not aware about it but when we walk in our home a certain odor strikes our mind, finding the pinpoint of odor could be difficult for an instance but perfumes or scented product can cover it up for that time. It is advised to keep your home smell good and wonderful for all time and it could be done easily. You can try some of these hacks to make your home smell graceful-

  • Remove the existing odor and its sources- It is the very first step you should take in order to make your home smell better.
  • Keep your garbage area clean and make it a habit to dispose it every day.
  • Look out for other sources of odor determine them and wipe them out.
  • Keep your kitchen and refrigerator clean as stale food in kitchen is also a reason behind this.
  • Use odor maskers to cover pungent smell. Make sure to use natural and chemical free fresheners.


  • For pet owners- Owning pets is not an easy task, you not only need to care them well. But also have to keep them clean. It will not only help your hygiene but also keep your home clean and odor free. No one will want their home to smell like their pet’s home. Clean your pet and his residence properly, using proper natural cleaners and good smelling soaps will better, try to go for natural herbal products for a good hygiene.


  • Get some good smelling plants- Indoor plants will not only give a pleasant fragrant to your home, but also freshens the atmosphere. So get some plants for your indoor for a better living.


  • Keep your floor clean- Keeping floor sanitized and clean is a part of healthy hygiene. Use relevant cleaners for floor. Using herbal and natural cleaners will make your home smell good for a long time and will also keep your house clean.



  • Scented incense and diffusers- I learned this from my mother. Incense sticks or oil diffusers are effective and most used ideas to make home smell good and odor free for all the time. You can use essential oils to make your own diffuser or oil burner, this works great and makes the environment loving, beautiful and free from insects.

  • Candles- Use scented candles made with natural wax. This makes the evening beautiful and romantic also it smells great. You can also prepare these candles at your home by using common things like wax flakes and scented oils.


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