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While candle burning and survival times do vary from one candle to another, different tricks can keep your candles burning efficiently for longer hours so none of their beauty is wasted.

There are various factors that affect the burn time of a candle. Some of them are as follows:

  • How frequently the candle is burned
  • The duration of different burnings
  • The shape of the candle
  • Candle size including its diameter and also the amount of wax used in it
  • The type of the candle wax used
  • The wax additives used such as the scents, colours or preservatives
  • The environment around the burning candle

By burning candles safely and in an efficient manner, it is possible to extend their total burning time by significant periods.

There are many ways to ensure that candles burn as long as possible and give you immense pleasure without any wax going to waste.

  • Trim the candle wicks regularly – A candle wick should be ideally ¼ to ¾ of an inch long and should also be trimmed every time before lighting the candle. Trimming the wick of a candle is one of the most effective ways to increase a candle’s burning time. This is so because longer wicks smoke, shed debris and do not provide a steady oxygen flow to the candle flame which leads to excessive flickering and uneven heating of the candle.

  • By limiting the burn time–A candle should ideally be burned until the pool of melted wax covers the top of the candle or as in the case of cylindrical pillar candles, until the pool is close to the edge of the pillar without any break through. For most of the big candles, this is achieved within a time period of 2-4 hours while smaller candles melt much more quickly.

  • Limit drafts – For longer burn times, candles should not be burned near windows, fans or vents. This is so because drafts cause the candle flame to flicker which makes the candle to be unevenly heated.
  • By choosing candles that have multiple wicks – The candles that have many evenly spaced wicks burn better as compared to large candles that have a single wick. Contrary to popular beliefs, candles that have multiple wicks do not burn down more quickly but more evenly so no wax is wasted.

  • By choosing efficient candle shapes – The candles that are circular in shape burn more effectively than irregular shaped candles because all of the wax is at an even distance from the wick. The candles that have a square shape melt unevenly and waste quite a lot of amount of wax.

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