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Roll ons  are topical substances that you can use on your body that can help in giving you relief from a wide range of conditions. These roll ons are made using organically derived substances such as essential oils,liquid wax, clay, herbs, milk powders, sugars, sea salts, hydrosols and mud's. These ingredients have been seen to give various health benefits and have been used in folk and tribal medicines for a long time. We have been able to discover their health benefits only now, but its never too late to try it out. Here are some roll ons that you can try out next time you face these problems.



Roll Ons That Are Definitely Worth A Try:

  • Anti-Snoring Roll On: Snoring is usually the result of the vibration of the soft tissue in the back of your throat. This roll on helps open your nasal passage, reduce the movement of soft tissue thus eliminating snoring.
  • Energy Boost Roll On: It contains peppermint, oils and rosemary. These warming oils help oxygenate the blood and promote blood flow, which in turn energizes the body. Peppermint increases alertness and energy. Rosemary is a powerful energy stimulant and keeps you focused and alert.

  • PMS Relief Roll On: It contains lavender, geranium and clary sage. Geranium is thought to balance the mind and body because of its strong ability to regulate hormonal and emotional swings. Clary sage is uplifting, mood-lightening and relaxing, may help regulate the menstrual cycle and improve hormonal balance. Lavender is known to ease menstrual cramps & calm down.
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  • Immunity Enhancing Roll Ons: It contains lemon extracts, and rosemary. Lemon is a great antibacterial. Rosemary essential oil helps to boost immune system and also is used to alleviate nervous system disorders such as mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion.


  • Anxiety Relief Roll On: This is a mix of different essential oils. The fresh, uplifting scent of bergamot essential oil is used to stabilize the emotions, calm and tone the nervous system, relieve tension and insomnia. Lavender soothes and calms the body.
  • Sexual Drive Roll On:  This roll on consists of jasmine and sandalwood. Jasmine helps to relieve nervous tension, has mild euphoric properties, and is said to restore sexual confidence. It has an exotic, fruity floral fragrance. Sandalwood induces a state of calmness and serenity and relieves nervous tension.

Thus by looking at this wide range of roll ons that are available we can definitely see the versatility of mother nature. Each roll on has a special ingredient from Mother Nature that makes that roll on unique. To vie some of our roll on products visit here.


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