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Incense sticks have various properties that affect the human body and many of them are very beneficial to us.Herbal Incense is composed of aromatic plant material and often essential oils that add fragrance to the incense. The incense sticks are made either by hand rolling or in the factories.

Herbal incense sticks normally are used for their fragrance in houses, but these incense sticks are also held as a religious symbol of praying to the Gods. Temples, Churches and many other religious places use incense for praying and meditations.

Now talking about how herbal incense calms one’s mind is simple, whenever we pray or meditate our minds enter a zone of concentrations. This zone is based on the devotion of us praying and the ability to concentrate on a single being when meditating. From many years incense is considered as a factor and mediator of calmness and closeness to god.

What Does Incense do?

  • Incense brings the ones meditating to achieve states of clarity, focus and calm.
  • It uses our sense of smell to help align us and the area with the mood, fragrance and energy of the incense.
  • Incense plays a great role in prays, meditations, processions and funerals. It is a way to show devotion and respect.
  • It helps us be calm as certain fragrances have a soothing and calming effect.
  • It helps us connect with thoughts and energies the fragrance is associated with and helps us open up to new ideas.
  • Incense is used for aromatherapy for bringing happiness, positivity and focus in one’s mind and body.
  • As we are blessed with the sense of smell, which is connected to the brain part that processes memory, we can connect a memory to a certain odor. So whenever we smell a particular fragrance or odor, we can relate that to a particular point of time in which we might have smelled that similar fragrance earlier.

Do different Herbal Incense fragrances hold different representations:

  • Amber – represents both knowledge and history. It’s good for meditations
  • Cedarwood – It denotes strength or power.
  • Cinnamon – It is associated with passion, lust and sexual desires.
  • Frankincense – promotes Calm and peace.
  • Ginger – brings desire.
  • Jasmine – itis associated with beauty and mental and emotional connections.
  • Lavender – promotes beauty.
  • Lotus – associated with mental clarity.
  • Musk – good for restoring balance and order in oneself.
  • Myrrh – connected to purifications and funerary.
  • Nag champa – used to sanctify or purify the area.
  • Rose – love, sex and desire.
  • Vanilla – mental thought, intelligence and all other abilities.

At last what to do:

Herbal Incense has a variety of uses and a variety of benefits. It surely helps us maintain calmness in our mind and balance in our bodies. The Joy by Nature site offer various incense sticks and incense for everyone to use. Click here to browse through the amazing range of herbal incense we have to offer.


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