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If there were a list of most common diseases, cough and cold would top the charts. Let’s face it; every single person, old and young, healthy and fragile, have been subject to the smallest yet the most frequently caught disease - the common cold. No matter how strong the immune system, the sneaky common cold manages to get past it almost every time. And that’s why every household has a regular supply of cough drops and syrups, and flu medicines. Feeling a little chilly? Pop a pill, that’s the principle we go by in modern times. However, we may be missing a mark here by depending entirely on synthesised chemical containing medicines. There is a better alternative, organic products.


  1.  More Natural than Synthetic

The entire human population, young and old, has become increasingly dependent on the use of antibiotics for every little reason. Antibiotics are very strong drugs which work to suppress the symptoms. A frequent use of synthesised drugs not only dulls the immune system but also makes the body so accustomed to drugs that each time a stronger dose is needed for it to work. Organic products, on the other hand, use mostly natural substances more often than not herbs. Nature has the remedy or almost all ailments. When properly administered, these remedies which have their origin in the heart of nature, have a better and more lasting effect on the body.

  1. Say Goodbye to Side Effects

Often, after a heavy dose of antibiotic, or even after having the common cough syrup, there may be slight or more intense side effects, such as a headache, dizziness, nausea, and the likes. A cough and cold in themselves take a toll on the body, and the added hassle of side effects don’t help. Organic products for cough and cold are a better option. Even if they come from natural ingredients, no pesticides or chemicals are used for growing them (even in the case of animal products no enhancing hormones are used), so no harmful substance goes into the body. Hence, there is no tertiary effect other than the desired one of curing cold. And the best part is, it can be used by patients of all age groups, even infants whereas often strong drugs cannot be administered to babies or patients with other conditions that might be affected by contents of chemical drugs.

  1. Strengthens the Immune System

When the virus of cough and cold attacks the body, the immune system often reacts to fight it, for example running a slight temperature. It does this to expel the harmful toxins from the body. However, patients often take medicines to reduce the temperature; so the chemicals in the drug suppresses the activity of the immune system and weakens it further, curbing its power to react against the virus in future. Organic products and medicines of cold work in a different way, it doesn’t repress the activity of the immune system; in fact, they help it. Apart from curing the cold, they make the immunity of the body stronger so that in future the possibility of catching a cold or being susceptible to any disease is lessened.

  1. Herbal Medicine

Most herbal and Ayurvedic medicines have organic origins. As the source substances are mostly collected from their natural habitats, no pesticides are used. For organic products, even the herbs that are grown for commercial use, such chemicals are not used as they might contaminate the plants and hamper the effects of the product.

  1. Organic Supplies at Home: a Little Spending goes a Long Way

Strengthening the immune system and preventing infections of flu and cold are the most effective when a good diet is practised. This brings us to the question of daily diets. Regular intake of Vitamin C keeps cough and cold away. Home remedies too, are available from household materials like fenugreek, lemon, essential oils, etc. Therefore, if the household supply of grocery and spices come from organic sources, automatically, half the work is achieved by prevention. Organic products are healthier, being free of any chemical contamination.

With all these benefits, spending a little more for organic products is certainly worth every penny. Buy organic supplies and medicines, incorporate them into your lifestyle, your household, and lead a better, safer life- brush off that cough and cold, and other respiratory ailments, with no side effects.

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