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1990s supermodel Claudia Schiffer has a lemon anti-aging secret.  She says “Fresh carrot or apple juice, and water with lemon and ginger help give my skin a healthy look.”

Among the flavoured teas the forename comes to our brains is lemon tea. Adding lemon in tea is a calming way to enjoy tea, whether its black tea or herbal. Organic Lemon tea has many advantages for our overall health. Lemon tea can regularly be used to prevent and treat many health issues, improving energy circulation and metabolic rate in our body. Lemons have antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting power, which form immunity and heal infectious diseases. Let us approach out at the uses, health benefits and the preparation method of creating a good quality and healthy lemon tea.

Method of making lemon tea:

  • Take a cup of water, and keep it for heating. Add tea leaves to make it stronger. Add sugar with definite amount and stir it well. Add fresh ginger, 2 cinnamon sticks, cardamom and cloves to make it more refreshing. You may add a couple of mint leaves to make it spicy and good in taste, and then boil it well.

Health benefits of organic lemon tea:

  • Improves and gives clear skin: Vitamin C helps to remove scar tissues and ligaments and helps our skin to renovate itself. It also gives glow and smooth shine to the skin. A cup of lemon tea is essential for good health.

  • Reduce Weight Loss: Lemon makes your blood more alkaline, people having a good alkaline level, can reduce the weight in a more efficient way. For every human being, body system needs to work well, so lemon is good and works best in this way. Lemon tea is known for purification of blood and helps you to remain energy and health.

  • Helps in cold and cough: Lemon tea added with ginger, pepper and cloves will help you in preventing from cold and sneezing problems. Having organic lemon tea several times in a day not only keeps you well, but also keeps you warm in cold environment.

  • Decrease of swelling after surgery: It has strong antioxidants and rich in vitamin C contents. A mixture of these two strongly works on free radicals in neutralizing them. Lemon tea reduces the threat of cancer in people who consume it regularly.


Along with the advantages, there is some restriction while taking lemon tea in the following conditions:

  • During pregnancy and breast feeding it’s harmful to take lemon tea.
  • People having blood pressure should avoid lemon tea.
  •  Person having the diarrhoea should also avoid lemon tea.

 Lemon tea can frequently be used to avoid and treat many health issues.



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