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According to the Harvard School of Public Health, Tea is a good calorie-free substitute for sugary beverages, If you add a squirt of lemon juice to your tea, it will not only enhance its flavour but will also provide multiple health benefits.

University Health Service of Rochester University reports, if you are experiencing nasal congestion, drinking lemon tea can help to decongest your blocked nose.

Just a cup of tea can give a boost to your energy, doesn’t it sound hyperbole?  But it is true. Organic lemon tea is something that has lots of benefits besides boosting your energy level. Lemon tea in morning is the secret of overall wellness. It not only adds a lot in order to get you healthy health but also blesses you with beautiful skin as well. This tinny ball (lemon) is rich in vitamin C, pectin, citric acids, bioflavonoid and calcium & its antibacterial, antiviral and immune-promoting properties helps to fight with infections plus build a strong immune system.

Benefits of lemon tea-

For Cold & Flu- In winters most of us do suffer with common problem of cold & flu. Ginger added lemon tea is found to be an effective concoction to reduce the symptoms of sore throat and flu. Intake of lemon tea 3-4 times in a day keeps you warm all day long and helps to relieve strep throat and give a bounce to your immune system.

Prevents Cancer- Lemon is a combination of antioxidant and vitamin C which acts strongly on free radicals to counteract them.  This has been the main reason why lemon tea helps to lower the risk of cancer.

Controls Blood Sugar- Diabetes occurs when the body either is incapable to produce required amount of insulin or to utilize insulin properly. Hesperidin, found in lemon not only helps to protect your body from primary stage of diabetes but also found to be an effective thing to advert complications of diabetes in those who are already diabetic.

Helps Lose weight -A cup of lemon tea in morning is found to be a magical elixir to lose weight without any hassle. It helps to reduce weight as lemon is a digestive aid and a liver cleanser. Lemon evicts unwanted particles and toxins from our body and can alter few ponds effortlessly. Having tea in morning is very beneficial and is highly advised by experts to lose weight adequately.

Good For Skin- Lemon is one the best natural ingredients that help to diminish fine lines and pigmentation from our skin. Its vitamin C component perform a vital role for getting you healthy and radiant skin while alkaline keeps bacteria away that causes acne. Having organic lemon tea on daily basis cleanses toxins from blood and keeps your skin flawless from within. 

Make your morning a “Very Good Morning” with a sip of Lemon tea.


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