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Stress is the enemy. It robs you of sleep at night and all sorts of opportunities in the daytime. With stress and anxiety playing havoc is your present; your future will certainly be affected. To wit, you need to do something about it.

Eating the right foods and performing exercise both promote healthy doses of goodness that course through your system and kill stress, but we wish to cover a slightly less popular idea, namely the use of organic supplements from Joy By Nature to relieve stress levels.

  1. Stress Qr

From depression and high blood pressure to sleeping problems inspired by high anxiety and stress levels, this all-natural supplement fights them all. Having been in use for thousands of years in Indonesia, China, and India the ‘Gotu Kola’ herb has proven to be a powerful destresser.

  • It encourages blood vessel growth into connective tissue.
  • Mental function is greatly improved thanks to this, resulting in much less stress and anxiety.
  • Originally used to treat a plethora of chronic skin conditions, Gotu Kola is showing wonderful signs of being able to fight anxiety, insomnia, and mental fatigue.
  • This in turn has made the herb capable of battling long-term ailments before they can occur, namely Alzheimer’s, dementia, and learning disorders.

It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and the dosage have to be strictly adhered to. As far as side effects are concerned, there is a handful but they are rare: headaches, sedation, gastric trouble, nausea, and dermatitis.

Gotu Kola has only just made its debut in the world of medicine and clinical trials but its efficiency as a natural herb has been proven several times over in the past few millennia.

  1. Vision

Yet another frontrunner in the herbal supplements market for stress and anxiety, this is the first Ayurvedic based supplement of its kind.

  • Not only does it support a good memory, the ideal mixtures of natural herbs comprising each dietary capsule has also shown to promote sleep, reduce stress, and encourage a good mood.
  • It is not a drug but an herbal mix that does not make you dependent on the beneficial effects of Vision.
  • With no heavy metals and additives in Vision, the sheer natural reduction to your anxiety and stress levels will speak on this supplement’s behalf.

  1. Herbal Hills Calmhills Kit

This is one of the simplest stress reduction supplements on the market. You will not find a great number of ingredients making it up nor is it lax in all the essential herbals needed to rid your system of stress and anxiety.

  • Helping calm the nerves in some of the most beautifully natural ways are the two major herbals ingredients Ashwagandha and Shankhpushpi.
  • The Ayurvedic herb Shankhpushpi has proven to work against insomnia, weaknesses in the nervous system, loss of memory, as well as mental/physical fatigue.
  • From relieving tension in the brain and promoting calmness to serving as one of the most potent memory boosting herbals of all time, Shankhpushpi goes the extra mile and fights hyper- and hypo-tension, anxiety, and neuroses.
  • The herb itself imparts a calm feeling to your body and mind, promoting sound asleep while ridding your system of physical and mental stress.
  • As for Ashwagandha, it is an ‘adaptogen’ at its core. This means the herb works to help your body adapt to the stresses you face every day; much like a potent tonic.
  • Not only does it improve thinking ability, this Ayurvedic herb actually helps your body react better to stressful situations.
  • It fights depression, migraines, nervous exhaustion, and insomnia, providing all round support to flush stress and anxiety from your system.

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