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Bath oils are not just luxury products. Yes, they are designed to alleviate stress and act as massage oils when outside the bath but that still does not make them a spa-only product. Bath oils pack several health benefits for your skin and hair.

  1. Argan Oil

This cold-press oil is obtained from the Moroccan Argan Tree’s fruit. Not only can it be used cosmetically it can also be used in cooking, with both instances providing skin and hair health.

  • Premature aging is avoided as this oil’s 80% fatty acid content lowers the severity of wrinkles and age spots while promoting skin elasticity and the rate of regeneration of skin cells. It is youthful skin all the way.
  • Thanks to Argan oil’s rich flavanoid content, you will find that it packs several anti-inflammation properties. Whether you use this oil externally (as our products obviously recommend) or internally (this is the culinary version), the part of your skin that feels sore can be massaged toward relief.
  • Stretch marks are a common problem, striping your skin in unattractive ways. Whether it is pubescent breast and hip growth or pregnancy Argan oil works to get rid of stretch marks for good.
  • Since it is a bath oil, most people worry it will affect their hair and try to avoid taking the oil anywhere close to their hairline. However, Argan oil is great on your hair too, serving to eliminate split ends and breakage while promoting moisture and colourant sealing. The style and hair-health possibilities are very high with this bath oil that is rich in Vitamin E; imparts shine and durability to hair.
  • Even your nails benefit from Argan Oil’s influence. They get stronger, healthier, and better at fighting nail related infections.

  1. Neroli Oil

This age-old herb has shown to provide some of the most remarkable healing and health benefits. As bath oil, it works quite efficiently to alleviate physical stress build-up in the skin and helps speed up skin-related healing.

  • As antiseptics go, Neroli oil works just as well as a tetanus injection when applied on wounds. It afterwards works to prevent infections and promotes marked reduction in stress at the injured area.
  • Stop wasting time looking for anti-mark lotions and creams. Neroli oil is cheaper and exceedingly powerful in comparison. Termed a ‘cicatrisant’, this oil is present in herbal remedies that have proven to get rid of skin-related marks like pox, acne, scars, boils, spots, and general after-marks.
  • Neroli oil even serves as a deodorant, working from deep inside your pores to promote long-lasting freshness and that ‘nice smell’ sensation.
  • It excels as a disinfectant; previously mentioned. It not only protects against skin infections but also works to prevent any new infections from taking root.
  • By stimulating new skin cell generation, Neroli oil has proven itself a potent ‘cytophylactic’. It boosts skin health, making it less prone to infections, enhancing that ‘youthful’ look and feel, as well as promoting all round skin health to the point that you will think this oil is magical.

  1. Ylang-Ylang Oil

Obtained by distilling the flowers of the ylang-ylang tree, this exotic bath oil is not just for show but brings a plethora of awesome health potential to your skin and hair.

  • It is an Anti-seborrhoea, meaning it fights a skin ailment caused when the sebaceous glands do not function properly. By countering Seborrhoeic Eczema, Ylang-Ylang oil promotes outstanding epidermal (skin cell) health and renders it naturally beautiful.
  • You can use it on hair and scalp as well. This oil works anywhere pores and follicles are present and impart anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The very scent of this oil acts as a sedative. It reduces stress and anxiety, including anger and other nervous afflictions. Though it is more potent as a consumable mixture (not externally applicable like the product we are recommending), the scent still helps provide these benefits to a slightly lesser degree.

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